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HB 5029: Exempt government housing (Section 8) from the marketable record act
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Introduced September 20, 2023
Official text and analysis
Property: use restrictions or covenants; covenants recorded by the state housing development authority; exempt from the marketable record act.
Tags: Transparency, Property Rights   
Sponsor: Donavan McKinney
Cosponsors: Betsy Coffia, Carrie Rheingans, Felicia Brabec, Jimmie Wilson, Jason Morgan, Helena Scott, Tullio Liberati, Julie Brixie, Amos O'Neal, Philip Skaggs, Kimberly Edwards, Stephanie Young, Kara Hope, Jasper Martus, Jenn Hill, John Roth, Kathy Schmaltz, Abraham Aiyash
Referred to House Economic Development and Small Business Committee

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