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Another Big Mass Media Lie Collapses

Just another Big Lie of 2020 told to manipulate the public and rig the election...

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Interview with Rep. Steve Carra

Talking about suing Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and much more...

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Explaining the Shortcomings of HB 4837–4840

You have to know the details and context of each of these bills...

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ALERT: How to Stop Mandatory Vaccinations in Michigan

Take these measures now to push back against medical tyranny.

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Whitmer Mooches Billionaires' Plane As Father Makes Miraculous Recovery

In a normal world, this is an obscene abuse of ethics, and should be a crime.

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Tennessee Passes Election Law Requiring Watermarking of Ballots

Watermarking ballots would only cost $105 per election commission...

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Project Veritas: New York Times Admits Its Manipulation To Court

NYT Admits They Did Not Contact Veritas’s Named Sources for Comment; Admits Astor Article WRONG About MN Law; Claims Articles Are Opinion But Admits Reporters Not Opinion Writers

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