by Linda Goldthorpe      Posted March 28, 2023
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It has been my observation, that society either wants to USE us CREEPS, or alternatively, to KILL US.

Creeps will inherit this earth, once everybody else has destroyed one another, and the sequestered hackers give us the keys to the kingdom.

"You heard it here first, on Roller Derby" (Cheech and Chong. Circa 1978)

Jim Croce Roller Derby Queen
SENATOR ED MCBROOM, give a creep a break! One call from you, and I'll have hot water again!
Today is a BIG day for me, because I'm taking a bath. (ROBERT GOLDTHORPE, cell: 906-298-0055, office: 906-586-3814) Dad owns hundreds of working showers, with hot water and such, but he INTENDS TO TAKE THIS PROPERTY FROM MY SONS. So, I have been taking cold baths, doing without working drains, no screens, no potable water, no locking doors, etc--for three years.

I text him EVERY DAY, and he has refused to speak to me since November, when he PUT HIS HANDS ALL OVER ME AND TRIED TO DRAG ME THROUGH MY CAR WINDOW.

I hate to whine, but, conditions aren't great for a squatter:
I finally learned how to take a warm bath without a water heater. I put a couple inches of water into the tub, and turn on two electric space heaters in the bathroom. After 6-9 hours, I turn on the coffee maker I moved into the bathroom, and begin heating water. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I fill two tea kettles, and my canner, but only 1/2 way. (I don't think I should carry that much boiling water across the house when I live alone.) I add it all to the tub, and then I kneel on the floor, and lean over into it to get my hair wet with a cup. Then I stand up and lean over the toilet, where I wash my hair. I return to the tub for more water, then pour it over my head at the toilet. Going back and forth between the tub and toilet is drippy, but it's better than bathing my body in shampoo and conditioner. (I need conditioner, otherwise combing my hair is like spinning one of those cardboard cones around a cotton candy machine.) Then, I pour my last coffee pot of hot water into the tub, and sit down. For a few minutes.

Sir, you know me well. The FBI knows BOTH OF US well, and as the adjudicator of the TODD COURSER/CINDY GAMRAT hearings, YOU KNOW THAT PART WELL, TOO.

Be a mensch? Your eyes are in the headlights anyway.

(Also, there is another creep in lower Michigan who needs me.)

Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft.
Geeze, Ed. When he abducted my kids and lied to Officer VILLEMURE, of the Newberry State FACE HAD JUST BEEN ON A BILLBOARD a couple months earlier! He is the biggest cocksucker I ever saw! Adam taught me that word, when he met my dad in 2008.
5:18 PM
You sent
From texts: And no, KATHLEEN PLESSCHER, I will not be your friend again, after your GOSSIP and LYING SLANDER, and that abusive letter you gave me.
I followed GOD and you followed FILTHY LUCRE.
You made your bed with DAVID GOLDTHORPE years ago.
Now lie in it.
Ed, you know what comforts me? This is really sad, but every man who tried to kill me is at least one I didn't turn gay.

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