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Rise of the Uniparty: Republican and Democrat Leaders Unite to Crush Vote-Fraud Whistleblowers

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by Shane Trejo      Posted June 29, 2021

In a shocking development. state senator Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) is calling for Democrat attorney general to prosecute vote fraud whistleblowers.

McBroom recently worked with state senators Lana Theis (R-Brighton), John Bizon (R-Battle Creek) and Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) on a special committee report that spit in the face of vote fraud whistleblowers throughout the state, writing off countless reports of improprieties and signing off on the crooked election once more.

What is even more grotesque is McBroom’s admission that the report was created to potentially spur investigations into attorney Matt Deperno and former state senator Patrick Colbeck for contradicting the Official Government Truth mandated by their report. Nessel has confirmed that she is working with McBroom on investigations into whistleblowers and their advocates, rather than the individuals who actually committed the fraud on election day.

"I believe we are in the process right now of ensuring that all the materials that were given to the Senate Oversight Committee Track, and that they reviewed as part of their report, will be turned over to us so that we can analyze those materials. … I will tell you that we have made a decision within our department to at least analyze and evaluate and review all of those materials," Nessel said.

"I think it's safe to say that we have begun an investigation to that extent. We're going to be reviewing all of that and taking a look and seeing what things are that troubled Sen. McBroom so much, as well as the other members of the Oversight Committee," she added.

Regardless of what you may think about any claims made by DePerno or Colbeck, they should not be targeted due to their beliefs about election fraud. And if the Republicans and Democrats wanted to look at grifters who milked patriots out of money peddling false hope, they should target RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel. She has yet to account for the oodles of cash she took with nothing to show for it after last year's dubious election took place.

The fact that Republican leaders in Lansing are working with Attorney General Dana Nessel to target patriots fighting against vote fraud should come as no surprise to anyone who has been watching since the election. Republicans constantly praised SPLC-affiliated Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson after the election, praising her for overseeing fair and honest elections. They have kept crucial evidence out of the public eye with NDAs. Republicans certified the election results before vote fraud whistleblowers could even have their voices heard.

Republicans have spit in the faces of their constituents, and then when they lose voters as a result, they’ll turn around and blame Trump and his supporters for not looking the other way and ignoring corruption. They did it in Georgia, they'll do it here, and they'll do it everywhere, but what is interesting about this voter fraud cover-up is that it shows that the mask is coming off. Republicans and Democrats typically preferred to act as if they hate each other in the public before laughing about their scam at lobbyist-funded dinners behind closed doors. In the case of the vote steal, they have had to work in tandem to disenfranchise poll challengers, intimidate whistleblowers, cover up evidence, and propagandize the masses.

Watching the country be ripped apart by these bipartisan traitors has been heartbreaking but it comes with a silver lining. Tens of millions of Americans now completely understand that their government is filled with criminals who have sold them out, and both parties are equally as guilty as this process. It has taken a long time for the public to get to this point, but they have finally arrived. This is an opportunity to unite the people, metaphorical pitchforks and torches in hand, to take down the elite, who are exposed and reviled like never before.

This is why you should join Rescue Michigan and use our tools to become engaged with your neighbors. Our enemies want us broken, scared, crippled and confused while our freedoms are ripped from us. We cannot play into their schemes. We must resist them and work to rebuild our communities while there is still time. Please take advantage of our walk list tools, with data provided cheaply and your privacy rights always respected, to build your local revolution against tyranny before the Uniparty swallows us whole.

The Importance of Keeping a Clear Head During This Election Fraud Crisis

by Shane Trejo      Posted June 29, 2021

We are living in revolutionary times, perhaps the most insane times that the world has ever known. This is causing stress within us that is unprecedented, and frankly, many patriots are not holding up well through these conditions.

Patriots throughout our state and nationwide are falling to utter nonsense. They are buying the hopium from known hucksters. They are dumping their money in the coffers of false idols, just to avoid the truth of the dire situation that is facing them. They are spewing theories that are making the entire movement look like fools to the broader masses.

We must be better than this.

To those who still “trust the plan,” please try to take a deep breath and think rationally. President Trump was booted from office despite obvious in-your-face voter fraud committed in a coordinated fashion by Democrats throughout the country. The legal response was humiliating. The RNC soaked up hundreds of millions of dollars with nothing to show for it. Everyone is pointing the figures of blame at everyone else.

I hate to break it to you but THIS was the plan. The plan was to screw us, rob us of our vote, and deprive us of America’s comeback. And it’s been very successful. And the delusions of desperate patriots are only making the situation that much worse for us all.

There is no core of the FBI, CIA, NSA and other deep state entities that is patriotic and working for the good guys. The military is flying LGBT flags abroad, teaching anti-white critical race theory to recruits, and purging patriots from the ranks to bring in trannies and communists. How could anyone possibly think these forces would overturn the fraud and reinstate Trump into office?

It is understandable to lose faith in America’s institutions given the current situation. They have failed us in every regard. But we must realize that these failed institutions are not going to rebound and somehow put Trump back into office. Virtually every official, whether elected or appointed and regardless of political affiliation, has gleefully enforced the vote steal or looked the other way out of cowardice.

If we want to restore freedom in this country, we have to see the world around us for what it is rather than what we wish for it to be. To quote a cliche, facts are more important than our feelings. There isn’t going to be some magical court case that will turn this around. There will be no eureka moment that wakes the masses up. The only thing that can restore our lost liberies is blood, sweat and tears from a fighting grassroots.

Rescue Michigan has never offered false hope to our supporters. We have offered the best plan, the best ideas, and the best strategy to become a leader yourself. It doesn’t involve sitting in your home and posting vague gibberish on social media platforms. It involves grassroots action based on proven principles that are known to compel success. There is no easy way out of this disaster. You will need to engage others and develop leaders in order. This is what the Founding Fathers did, and you must be prepared to take every action that they took in order to have success.

Are you up to the task as your heroic ancestors were? Then we would certainly love to have you. But we are separating the wheat from the chaff here. We demand excellence from our activists because that is what it will take to restore our nation and nothing less. We demand serious people to be leaders of men, and we will help you every step of the way to have success. But we will not harbor silly delusions or humor absurd theories. This is a serious movement, and we are intent upon achieving total victory. We hope you can be too.

ALERT: How to Stop Mandatory Vaccinations in Michigan

by Shane Trejo      Posted May 11, 2021

House Bill 4667 (HB4667) would "prohibit producing, issuing, or providing an incentive for COVID-19 vaccination passports." This is crucial legislation, proposed by state representative Sue Allor of Wolverine, that will protect Michigan residents from vaccine mandates whether they are enforced by the private or the public sector.

"This is frightening," Allor said about the prospect of vaccine passports. "In fact, this is terrifying."

"Without a vaccine, without a passport indicating I’ve received it, will I be prohibited from attending my grand children’s school events?" she added. "Will I be prohibited from taking them to see the Detroit Tigers? Will I be prohibited from visiting loved ones that may be hospitalized? And would I be prohibited from going to my local grocery store for food items?"

HB4667 is not the only measure that has been introduced to push back against coercive vaccine mandates. There are a slew of other bills that have been introduced to provide protections against the technocratic policies coming down the pike from the globalists.

State representative John Damoose (R-Harbor Springs) introduced House Bill 4789 (HB4789) to bar any state agency from requiring “an individual to present documentation disclosing his or her COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status to gain access to property owned by a state agency or to receive a service from the state agency.”

State representative Shri Thanedar (D-Detroit) has introduced House Bill 4790 (HB4790), showing that there is a bipartisan coalition forming to oppose coercive vaccine mandates. The bill would bar any political subdivision from requiring “an individual to present documentation disclosing his or her COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status to gain access to property owned by a political subdivision or to receive a service from the political subdivision.”

House Bill 4791 (HB4791) was introduced by Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) to ban private employers from enforcing mandatory vaccine policies. Rep. Beau LaFave (R-Iron Mountain) introduced House Bill 4792 (HB4792), or the "COVID-19 vaccination privacy act,” to ban any “place of public accommodation” from “requiring an individual to present documentation disclosing his or her COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status to gain access to or receive a service from the place of public accommodation.”


All of these bills are in the House Oversight Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Steve Johnson (R-Wayland). Here is the contact information from every person on Oversight:

Steven Johnson (R) Committee Chair, 72nd District --- (517) 373-0840 ,
Pat Outman (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 70 District --- (517) 373-0834 ,
Michele Hoitenga (R), 102nd District --- (517) 373-1747 ,
John Reilly (R), 46th District --- 517-373-1798 ,
Jack O'Malley (R), 101st District --- (517) 373-0825 ,
Douglas Wozniak (R), 36th District --- (517) 373-0843 ,
Julie Brixie (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 69th District --- (517) 373-1786 ,
David LaGrand (D), 75th District --- (517) 373-2668 ,
Stephanie Young (D), 8th District --- (517) 373-3815 ,

Please let these folks know that mandatory vaccinations are not acceptable whether the mandates are enforced through the public or private sector. We need to preserve the freedom of choice. If people want to take Big Pharma’s rushed and experimental COVID-19 vaccines, that is their choice but there should not be a myriad of rules and regulations put into place to nudge people into getting the shots.

Send an email and call up these individuals on the House Oversight Committee. Tell them that they must support HB4667 as well as HB4789-4792. Let the lawmakers know that all of these bills must be preserved and passed currently as written to provide the protections that Michigan residents need from the scientific tyranny that is being pushed on us all with COVID-19 used as the pretense.

The U.S. Postal Service is Running a Social Media Spying Operation to Track Protests for Big Brother

by Shane Trejo      Posted April 22, 2021


'The United States Postal Service (USPS) is running a social media spying campaign to track protests on behalf of Big Brother.

Yahoo News obtained a document exposing the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) run out of the USPS. This program employs USPS agents to trawl through social media posts, flagging certain posts as problematic, and then sharing the information with other federal bureaucrats.

“Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021,” the March 16 government bulletin states, which has been called “law enforcement sensitive” and issued to the Department of Homeland Security’s fusion centers.

“Locations and times have been identified for these protests, which are being distributed online across multiple social media platforms, to include right-wing leaning Parler and Telegram accounts,” the bulletin added.

Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Cheating ‘Likely’ Shifted the Result of the 2020 Presidential Election

by Shane Trejo      Posted April 22, 2021


'A recent poll released by Rasmussen indicates that 51 percent of Americans understand that major election fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential election.

The poll released last week has shown that 51 percent of Americans believe that cheating “likely” influenced the results of the 2020 presidential election, with a stunning 35 percent of Americans believing it was “very likely” that cheating influenced the election results.

Other results from the poll showed the extent to which the Democrats are detached from reality.

Judge Rules Secretary of State's Ballot Signature Verification Guidance was 'Invalid' Prior to Election

by Shane Trejo      Posted March 21, 2021

State Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray has ruled invalid Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's guidance issued to Michigan clerks in early October that instructed them to presume the accuracy of absentee ballot signatures.

Because Benson did not go through the proper rule-making process when issuing the guidance, clerks do not need to comply with it for future elections, Murray ruled last week.

"The presumption is found nowhere in state law," wrote Murray, an appointee of Republican former Gov. John Engler. "The mandatory presumption goes beyond the realm of mere advice and direction, and instead is a substantive directive that adds to the pertinent signature-matching standards."


Antrim County Drops Dominion Voting Systems for Upcoming Election

by Shane Trejo      Posted March 21, 2021

Bellaire, Mich. – A northern Michigan county that was sued over its counting of the fall election will count paper ballots by hand in the May 4 primary.

Antrim County commissioners turned down a request from the county clerk for $5,080 to prepare Dominion voting machines for the upcoming election, the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported.


Bistro Owner Who Defied Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Shutdown is Jailed

by Shane Trejo      Posted March 21, 2021

Bistro owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney was arrested on Friday for defying Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown edicts.

Pavlos-Hackney owns Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria in Holland, Mich. She was arrested Friday morning on her way to work.

“This owner has continued to willfully violate the state’s food laws, public health orders and the order of the court – a dangerous act that may have exposed dozens of diners and employees to the virus,” Attorney General Dana Nessel said.


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