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An American Horror Story

September 23, 2021
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An American Horror Story
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Liberals Cheered George Bush's 9/11 Speech Because They Want a Domestic War on Terror
Justice Department’s Foremost Jan. 6 Felony Charge May Be on Thin Ice
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Julie Kelly for American Greatness:

Agents demanded that Caldwell, a former lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy who suffers from debilitating service-related spinal injuries, come outside and lay down in the grass.

“Someone grabbed my legs and dragged me through the grass. They threw me face down on the hood of the car, kicked my legs apart, put a chain around my waist and put me in handcuffs.” Caldwell said he looked up to see Sharon, his wife of 22 years, dressed in her nightgown holding her hands up with a sock in either hand. She, too, was covered in red dots from the weapons aimed at her. Sharon, 61, begged to put on her socks before they forced her outside in the cold. “I said a prayer, ‘Father, please don’t let them kill my wife,’” Caldwell said through sobs. [...]

Agents then transported Caldwell to the Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange, Virginia, two hours from their home. He thought he would be booked and released.

Instead, it was just the start of what he called “an American horror story.” [...]
Read the full story here.

Michigan group calls for resignation of 'independent' redistricting commission members who publicly support Democratic causes

September 20, 2021

(The Center Square) – In 2018, Michigan voters were fed up with in-power politicians drawing their own districts to protect incumbents. As a result, 61% of voters in the state approved a ballot proposal that established an independent citizen’s redistricting committee (MICRC).

But as new problems emerge, critics want answers.

Michigan voters passed the proposal with the understanding the MICRC would be a separate, independent body so no one could claim the Secretary of State or another politician controlled it. The state created a 13-member commission of four Democrats, four Republicans, and five independents. A majority of seven members – including two Democrats, two Republicans, and two independents – must agree to submit a proposed redistricting map that would be in effect until the next census in 2030.

However, at least two commission members claiming to be “independents” are Democrats, the Washington Free Beacon reported. The first, Anthony Eid, applied for the commission as an independent, stating that he does not "affiliate with either the Republican or Democratic Party." The publication's review of his social media presence shows Eid has supported members of the Democratic Party but not Republicans. He wrote he was "proud to live in a state that voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary" in 2016.

Additionally, Gongwer reported on Eid’s tweets that included rape jokes and derogatory comments about women.

A second commission member, Rebecca Szetela, applied as an independent but has contributed at least $225 to EMILY's List, Democratic politicians, and in May addressed the Progressive Democratic Women's Caucus of Muskegon County, the Beacon reported...

Olympic Gymnast Blasts FBI For Lying, and Trying to ‘Cover Up’ Her Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Predator Doctor

September 15, 2021

Another shame on the FBI:

“After telling my entire story of abuse to the FBI in the summer of 2015, not only did the FBI not report my abuse, but when they eventually documented my report seventeen months later, they made entirely false claims about what I said,” Maroney testified, visibly angry.

She said when she read the Office of Inspector General Report, she was shocked at the “narrative” the FBI had “chosen to fabricate.”

“They chose to lie about what I said and protect a serial child molester, rather than protect not only me, but countless others. My story is one in which special agent Jay Abbott and his subordinates did not want you to hear,” Maroney said.

In his report, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz blasted Abbott, who was then the FBI Indianapolis Special Agent in Charge, for failing to respond to allegations of sexual abuse “with the urgency that the allegations required.”
Read the full story at American Greatness.

The ‘Foul Spirit’ of George W. Bush and America’s Ruling Class

September 14, 2021

Lane Scott at American Greatness:

As with so many other aspects of our time, we seem destined to suffer the most trite and underwhelming imitations of things that once were great or at least impressive. Exhibit A would be the great war advocate, George W. Bush. Can there be a more perfect synthesis of the last 20 years of disappointing American politics than this man? He exemplifies everything—unaware, unashamed, unapologetic—that the American ruling class has become. NeverTrumpers and neocons yearn for a return to the days of measured, steady Bush leadership. We are told constantly now that he is kind, polite, well-bred: a politician from a more dignified tradition of public servants than those of late. But of course, in reality he is none of these things.

The everlasting incompetence and mesmerizing self-delusion on display at his recent 9/11 remarks make that clear.

What kind of a person stands on the very spot where heroic, valiant Americans perished in a tragic last-ditch effort to save a symbol of their ruling class—either the Capitol or the White House, no one knows for certain—and dares to offer criticism of the American people? What kind of cretin could possibly stir himself to lecture the public while standing on the very spot where common, average, everyday people sacrificed themselves to save members of the elite?
Read the full commentary here.

Liberals Cheered George Bush's 9/11 Speech Because They Want a Domestic War on Terror

September 13, 2021

George Bush was once castigated by liberals as a new Hitler, a war criminal, and a primitive imbecile who stole not one but two elections. Yet they swooned for him on 9/11 because he gave them what they most crave: the view that Al Qaeda is comparable to those who protested at the Capitol on 1/6.

Watch on Rumble:

Justice Department’s Foremost Jan. 6 Felony Charge May Be on Thin Ice

September 9, 2021

American Greatness:

“Making a fool of yourself in Congress is what America is all about,” argued Carmen Hernandez, legal counsel for another Oath Keeper. Both Fischer and Hernandez noted that the law has never been applied to a demonstration in Congress. Hernandez raised the 2018 protests in Congress against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh as an example of similar behavior.

“Yes, but they weren’t charged with obstruction of an official proceeding,” Mehta shot back.


Mehta isn’t the only judge handling January 6 cases who is challenging the government’s standing on the obstruction charge. In a hearing last month for two defendants also seeking dismissal of the obstruction count, Judge Randolph Moss warned it faced a “constitutional vagueness problem.” The American people, Moss cautioned, will demand a clear legal “line” between protected activity and criminal misconduct related to political protests...
Read the full story.

The Top Reason I Hate Masks Is They Force Me To Live By Lies

September 8, 2021

The Federalist:

Throughout the last year, I’ve read a lot of masking arguments but none that broached my top objection: mask mandates force me to communicate what I believe are very dangerous lies.

Even if masks ultimately do provide some small reduction in coronavirus spread without imposing additional harms, a contentious claim, to me that is almost beside the point. The point is the security theater, which assumes that drastic government micromanagement of our lives and indefinite curtailment of our liberties are not only ever acceptable but in fact the moral thing to do.

I’m not talking about high-risk situations like nursing homes or hospitals or the homes of cancer patients, where I am willing to mask and sanitize and so forth for the chance it may indeed protect highly vulnerable people. I’m talking about in normal life, in public settings. Despite what people have been shanghaied into assuming, these are low-risk environments and should be treated as such.

Far above and beyond any health considerations, masking is a symbol. It is a talisman, a ritual, a communication of premises that I utterly reject. Being forced to wear a mask to me is the equivalent of being forced to wear a T-shirt that supports legalized abortion, which I believe is mass murder.
Read the full column here.

What Do You Have To Lose, Trump?

September 8, 2021

A great piece in American Greatness from Michigan's own Samantha Strayer:

Whatever we didn’t know about the depth of corruption in our institutions before 2021, we are fast learning its true scope and, most importantly, its intent. The real pandemic of our lifetime is not the man-made virus or its variants—lurking conveniently everywhere we go and peaking at certain times of the year, say, before an election. No. It is rather the obscene hubris of a clique of pseudo-somethings who think their time to rule has finally come. Fancying themselves demigods, they are making moves to wield control over the lives of millions they deem unfit for freedom and, if necessary, life itself. It is cynical, all-encompassing, evil.

If you don’t believe me, check out what’s happening in Australia. The former penal colony has become a national prison once again practically overnight, and its people—now inmates—are taking it on the chin. The knee. The face. The soul. This is what awaits us. Australia is the prototype, the first foray into a Brave New World. But it’s also a warning; do not look away.

Like that weaponized virus, this, too, is not novel. Men, and one infamously rogue angel, have long sought the mantle of the divine. And the totalitarian nature and breakneck speed at which these events are unfolding threaten to overwhelm our senses and therefore our resistance. We feel surrounded, and in many ways we are. These are not merely interesting times to be alive. They are diabolical.

And yet we have all been chosen for such a time as this either to bear witness, to speak out, or to reverse the breakage and somehow make it whole again. An American Renaissance is MAGA, but how many of us really knew what it would take to get there? I know I didn’t...
Read the full column here.

The Rotten Edifice Revealed

August 21, 2021

American Greatness:

One word has been repeated again and again, all along the ideological spectrum, in the reporting on the disaster in Afghanistan: “incompetence.”

Incompetence there has been aplenty, and its display is both depressing and ubiquitous. It turns out that the technocratic elite to which we have entrusted our lives, not to mention the lives of the Afghans, is technically maladroit and incapable of effective governance. Our preposterous and “woke” Secretary of Defense epitomized the incapacity a few days ago when he admitted that the United States does not have the “capability to go out and collect large numbers of people.” Hello?

But incompetence is only a surface presentation of a much deeper malady, which revolves around the question of legitimacy.

I mean this in the deepest sense. It’s not just a matter of whether certain rules have been followed in putting various people in office or securing their government sinecures.

That’s one sort, perhaps an essential but ultimately superficial sort, of legitimacy.

What is happening here is something much deeper, more existential, if you will.

What just happened—what is happening still—in Afghanistan is an unfolding horror for the Afghan people.

For the United States, it is a rude snatching away of the curtain of legitimacy.
Read the full article here.

Liz Cheney and the ‘Big Lie’

May 10, 2021

Conrad Black at American Greatness:

The Democrats’ effort to produce evidence that January 6 was a Trump planned assault on democratic government will be as complete a failure as the New York Times’ Tom Friedman’s theory of four years ago that Trump’s collusion with Russia in the 2016 election was as great an assault on American sovereignty as Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

Liz Cheney has unwittingly helped to clarify the issues arising from last year’s election. The country must decide that it was an entirely fair and unquestionable election and that Trump was trying to incite insurrection on January 6 or it must acquiesce in the possibility that he will return as president. The McConnell faction seems determined to close ranks to fight oppression by the radical Left in the Democratic congressional caucuses and work for Republican victories next year.

Peggy Noonan’s theory that the Republicans are tearing themselves apart is also bunk. Republicans can get a candidate other than Trump if they want but not on the false charge that he has no legitimate complaint about the 2020 election, or that he was trying to stir up a revolt on January 6. McConnell and most of the wiser anti-Trump elements in the Republican Party leaped back into their trenches and presumably will return to the comparative discretion most of them observed while Trump was president. Those unable to contain their Trump-hate will bite the dust if they have to deal with a primary opponent—e.g., Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). Senators Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), and one or two others can grumble, but presumably even they realize that being useful idiots for the Democrats is not what they were sent to Washington to accomplish.

Read the rest here.

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