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Let's Watch and Review "Special Assignment: Election Theft?"

by Adam de Angeli      Posted November 10, 2021
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Let's Watch and Review "Special Assignment: Election Theft?"
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We have a new 2020 election documentary; this one's a tight 28 minutes. Adam de Angeli, Shane Trejo, and Amber Harris it together and talk about its facts and arguments.

Oakland County GOP Censures Senators That Called for Witch Hunt of Those Questioning Election Integrity

by Adam de Angeli      Posted August 20, 2021

The Oakland County GOP has censured Senators Ed McBroom, Lana Theis, and John Bizon for releasing a report that called for, among other things, left-wing lunatic Attorney General Dana Nessel to investigate "those who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends."

Although the report provided zero evidence of anyone discussing the irregularities in Antrim County, it was an obvious attack on attorney Matt DePerno – who, incidentally, is a candidate to replace Dana Nessel. "With this declaration, the Committee has declared the Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to seek redress for our grievances to be null and void.  They are asserting that anyone who disagrees with their flawed assessment of the election particularly in matters regarding Antrim County should be investigated by the Attorney General.  They have in fact weaponized the state against citizens who disagree with them," the censure resolution read. (Read the full resolution here.)

The resolution made absolutely clear this was about protecting the rights of citizens to engage in constitutionally protected speech and assembly, saying "please do not mistake this call for censure as a derivative of a profound disagreement with their conclusions.  This call for censure is a direct result of their abject disregard for their oaths of office and for the Republican platform to which they claim alignment."

Nevertheless, the Detroit (Fake) News editorialized to its gullible readers: "The symbolic campaign is a sign of tensions within the party about former President Donald Trump's loss and his ongoing assertions that the contest was ‘rigged.’"

The resolution was passed 40 - 7.

Oceana County GOP Unanimously Passes Call for Sen. Ed McBroom's Resignation

by Adam de Angeli      Posted August 4, 2021

Rise of the Uniparty: Republican and Democrat Leaders Unite to Crush Vote-Fraud Whistleblowers

by Shane Trejo      Posted June 29, 2021

In a shocking development. state senator Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) is calling for Democrat attorney general to prosecute vote fraud whistleblowers.

McBroom recently worked with state senators Lana Theis (R-Brighton), John Bizon (R-Battle Creek) and Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) on a special committee report that spit in the face of vote fraud whistleblowers throughout the state, writing off countless reports of improprieties and signing off on the crooked election once more.

What is even more grotesque is McBroom’s admission that the report was created to potentially spur investigations into attorney Matt Deperno and former state senator Patrick Colbeck for contradicting the Official Government Truth mandated by their report. Nessel has confirmed that she is working with McBroom on investigations into whistleblowers and their advocates, rather than the individuals who actually committed the fraud on election day.

"I believe we are in the process right now of ensuring that all the materials that were given to the Senate Oversight Committee Track, and that they reviewed as part of their report, will be turned over to us so that we can analyze those materials. … I will tell you that we have made a decision within our department to at least analyze and evaluate and review all of those materials," Nessel said.

"I think it's safe to say that we have begun an investigation to that extent. We're going to be reviewing all of that and taking a look and seeing what things are that troubled Sen. McBroom so much, as well as the other members of the Oversight Committee," she added.

Regardless of what you may think about any claims made by DePerno or Colbeck, they should not be targeted due to their beliefs about election fraud. And if the Republicans and Democrats wanted to look at grifters who milked patriots out of money peddling false hope, they should target RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel. She has yet to account for the oodles of cash she took with nothing to show for it after last year's dubious election took place.

The fact that Republican leaders in Lansing are working with Attorney General Dana Nessel to target patriots fighting against vote fraud should come as no surprise to anyone who has been watching since the election. Republicans constantly praised SPLC-affiliated Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson after the election, praising her for overseeing fair and honest elections. They have kept crucial evidence out of the public eye with NDAs. Republicans certified the election results before vote fraud whistleblowers could even have their voices heard.

Republicans have spit in the faces of their constituents, and then when they lose voters as a result, they’ll turn around and blame Trump and his supporters for not looking the other way and ignoring corruption. They did it in Georgia, they'll do it here, and they'll do it everywhere, but what is interesting about this voter fraud cover-up is that it shows that the mask is coming off. Republicans and Democrats typically preferred to act as if they hate each other in the public before laughing about their scam at lobbyist-funded dinners behind closed doors. In the case of the vote steal, they have had to work in tandem to disenfranchise poll challengers, intimidate whistleblowers, cover up evidence, and propagandize the masses.

Watching the country be ripped apart by these bipartisan traitors has been heartbreaking but it comes with a silver lining. Tens of millions of Americans now completely understand that their government is filled with criminals who have sold them out, and both parties are equally as guilty as this process. It has taken a long time for the public to get to this point, but they have finally arrived. This is an opportunity to unite the people, metaphorical pitchforks and torches in hand, to take down the elite, who are exposed and reviled like never before.

This is why you should join Rescue Michigan and use our tools to become engaged with your neighbors. Our enemies want us broken, scared, crippled and confused while our freedoms are ripped from us. We cannot play into their schemes. We must resist them and work to rebuild our communities while there is still time. Please take advantage of our walk list tools, with data provided cheaply and your privacy rights always respected, to build your local revolution against tyranny before the Uniparty swallows us whole.

Interview with Rep. Steve Carra

by Adam de Angeli      Posted May 30, 2021

On May 30, we interviewed Representative Steve Carra, who was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, which was settled out of court six days before Election Day 2020 with a signed agreement with the Court of Claims that the Secretary of State would reverse her policy of allowing poll workers to abuse Covid "social distancing" guidelines to impede poll challengers.

Benson broke the agreement, and weeks later, Carra was a witness to that violation as a challenger in a recount.

We discuss his story, his background, being a state lawmaker, and his campaign to unseat Rep. Fred Upton, who voted for the second sham impeachment of President Trump.

Explaining the Shortcomings of HB 4837–4840

by Adam de Angeli      Posted May 17, 2021

Four bills are up in the Michigan House's Election Committee tomorrow: HB 4837 through 4840. They were just introduced last Thursday.

Unfortunately, these bills have some pretty major loopholes, and aren't going to accomplish what people hope they might.

We break down the issues with each of the bills in this video:

House Resolution to "Reaffirm" State's Right to Administer Elections Is An Embarassment

by Adam de Angeli      Posted May 17, 2021

Michigan House Republicans have introduced a resolution, House Concurrent Resolution 5, "to reaffirm states' rights under the United States Constitution to establish election laws" according to its title.

If only the text of the resolution even lived up to that.

Resolutions like this are typically non-binding declarations that have no legal meaning. This is why they are "resolutions" rather than bills. (The exceptions are Joint Resolutions, which propose amendments to the Michigan Constitution.)

However, a resolution can at least be an expression of the legislature's finding of fact and law, which is something a court might possibly consider.

It would be worthwhile if the text of HCR 5 read something like this:

The Constitution of the United States grants absolutely no authority to the federal government to decide the election policy of the 50 States, and the Tenth Amendment reserves that authority to the States. We conclude HR 1 is totally unconstitutional in its present form and unenforceable in Michigan should it become law.
Something like that.

But no, instead, we get this, the actual text of HCR 5:

Traditionally, and as empowered through the U.S. Constitution, states set and administer their own election policies. While there is some congressional power regarding election laws, state legislatures are the proper bodies and best suited to set laws on election matters.
Oh, Michigan controls its election by "tradition"? What is this unspecified "some" power, do tell?

The federal government has found excuses to infringe on states' rights to regulate their elections, and these should be vigorously challenged and never accepted.

But no, HCR 5 can only stammer that "any election reform efforts should be left to the states."

Oceana County Clerk Suspends and Replaces A County Canvasser For Refusing To Certify May Election

by Adam de Angeli      Posted May 11, 2021

The clerk is also asking the County Board of Commissioners to permanently fire the canvasser for refusing to certify the election.

Is this legal? Here's my humble opinion:

Tennessee Passes Election Law Requiring Watermarking of Ballots

by Adam de Angeli      Posted April 30, 2021

Reported by Main Street Nashville, although they get the bill number wrong (it's Senate Bill 1315):

The Tennessee legislature nearly unanimously approved a bill that requires the addition of a watermark on all absentee ballots.

The Tennessee Election Integrity Act would have little impact financially on local election commissions, according to the bill’s fiscal note.

Senate Bill 1314 passed the Senate, 27-0, on Monday, and the House adopted the Senate version of the bill Tuesday, 92-1. The bill will now head to Gov. Bill Lee to sign.

“Democrats are for secure elections,” Rep. Antonio Parkinson, D-Memphis, said Tuesday while praising the bill. “Don’t get it twisted.”

Rep. Bruce Griffey, R-Paris, said there are five vendors in the state that provide the paper for absentee ballots and all are able to put the watermarks on the ballot.

After some debate on the cost of previously purchased paper without the watermarks, Griffey said the estimated cost would be $105 per election commission.
Read the bill here.

California Rejected 20% of Signatures in Recall Newsom Petition, 0.6% of Signatures in 2020 Election

by Adam de Angeli      Posted April 28, 2021

Noted by Joel Pollak at Breitbart.

This is why a uniform signature check policy and conducting signature checks in public meetings subject to public participation is essential.

The recall campaign still collected enough signatures, more than the 1,495,709 required.

Michigan law requires over 1 million valid signatures to recall Gretchen Whitmer, although Michigan has only a quarter the population of California.

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