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Here's A Resolution Calling For Senator McBroom's Resignation
by Adam de Angeli      Posted July 9, 2021
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The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee, chaired by Senator Ed McBroom, recently put out a "Report on the November 2020 Election" which among other things called for partisan lunatic Attorney General Dana Nessel to investigate "those who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends" in clear reference to attorney Matthew DePerno, whom the report referenced eight times.

Nessel has taken up the offer and now abuses her office with the support of the Senate Oversight Committee.

Rescue Michigan's Adam de Angeli and Shane Trejo discuss the background of the scandal and how grassroots conservatives should respond:

And here's some resolution language discussed in the video that you are free to use:

WHEREAS, American society is structured upon a foundation of God-given, fundamental human rights enshrined and protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Michigan; and

WHEREAS, Among those foundational rights are the right to free speech and the right to counsel. The right of free speech is so fundamental that it is protected by the very First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; the right to counsel is found in the Sixth Amendment and in all legal matters in Michigan in Article I, Section 13 of the State Constitution; and

WHEREAS, The foundational right to free speech was grievously damaged by the 2021 sham impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. In that false impeachment, the President was charged with "incitement of insurrection," a non-existent crime, based on the President calling on supporters to peacefully demonstrate at the Capitol. The President's statements contained no incitement to any illegal activity, and no court of law could possibly find otherwise. Nevertheless, the false impeachment was supported unanimously by Democrat members of Congress, joined by 17 disgraceful Republicans. This politically motivated sham trial legitimized forthcoming assaults on the First Amendment rights of all Americans; and

WHEREAS, The foundational right to counsel was grievously damaged by politically motivated sham complaints filed against attorneys affiliated with President Donald J. Trump's campaign. These grievances led to the "preliminary, emergency" suspension of the law license of former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who has not been given a trial or even an evidentiary hearing. More importantly, meritless complaints calling for disbarment were filed against Michigan attorneys Scott Hagerstrom, Stefanie Junttila, and Greg Rohl by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson; and

WHEREAS, The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee Report on the November 2020 Election, adopted by Senators Ed McBroom, Lana Theis, and John Bizon, despite conceding on Page 24 that the Michigan Court of Claims found that the manner in which absentee ballots – comprising a majority of all ballots cast in that election – were processed in an illegal manner, concluded that "citizens should be confident the results represent the true results of the ballots cast by the people of Michigan"; and

WHEREAS, The Report referenced attorney Matt DePerno by name no less than eight times in its effort to refute allegations made by DePerno and, clearly in reference to DePerno, "strongly recommends citizens use a critical eye and ear toward those who have pushed demonstrably false theories for their own personal gain"; and

WHEREAS, The Report alleges no facts to support its assertion that DePerno or anyone else pushed any theory "for their own personal gain"; and

WHEREAS, It would be grossly inappropriate under any circumstances for a report prepared by a committee of the Legislature to single out a constituent resident of Michigan for derision; and

WHEREAS, The Report did not stop there, but continued to recommend "the attorney general consider investigating those who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends," another clear reference to DePerno; and

WHEREAS, Attorney General Dana Nessel campaigned for office on a bad-faith promise to "sue the Trump Administration all day, every day," and carried out on this promise, using her office for partisan political attacks, including those related to the 2020 election. These attacks included seeking the disbarment of President Trump's attorneys and sending legal threats to journalists exposing "DetroitLeaks" -- a recording of Detroit election officials instructing poll workers to abuse social distancing guidelines to intentionally impede poll challengers. Attorney General Dana Nessel thereby sought to suppress facts exposing a conspiracy to commit serial felonies under MCL 168.734; and

WHEREAS, It is unconscionable that a report prepared by the Legislature would exhort a partisan attorney general with a history of abusing her office for partisan political purposes to investigate and harass a Michigan resident based on wholly unsupported accusations; and

WHEREAS, Attorney General Dana Nessel has agreed to carry out a harassment campaign under false color of an investigation, expressly citing the Oversight Committee's request;

WHEREAS, Senator Ed McBroom cannot be considered a neutral party with respect to DePerno. DePerno was the attorney of record in a lawsuit against the Michigan House of Representatives and then-Representative McBroom. Additionally, at the time the suit was filed, Senators Lana Theis and John Bizon were also members of the House of Representatives; and

WHEREAS, Senator McBroom opted not to recuse himself, not to refrain from personal attacks against personal enemies, and not even to disclose his past adversarial relationship to DePerno; and

WHEREAS, In the broader context of ongoing attacks against the American people’s right to free speech and the right to counsel, the Report bolsters and encourages these attacks in a transparent attempt to intimidate and silence all citizens exposing the misconduct of election officials, challenging the results of the election, and advocating for legal and policy remedies; and

WHEREAS, This Committee finds the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee Report on the November 2020 Election to be the product of gross official misconduct. It is improper that the report isolates an individual to make unsupported allegations that the individual makes claims for personal profit, unconscionable that the report calls upon the Attorney General to harass that individual based on said unsupported allegation, and a compounding breach of ethics for Committee members to fail to disclose their past adversarial legal relationship to the target of these allegations; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, This Committee calls for the resignation of the author of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee Report on the November 2020 Election: Senator Ed McBroom; and be it further

RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to our Republican representatives and senators in the Michigan Legislature, to the Michigan Republican Party, and to local news media.

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