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Here's How Your County Would Be Locked Down Under Senate Bill 250

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State Legislation
Senate Bill 250, which we've discussed previously on our blog and in depth on our Rumble channel, would subject every county in Michigan, plus the state as a whole, to lockdowns subject to the fluctuating "test positivity rate" for the Chinese coronavirus.

Not the actual number of people diagnosed, let alone actually sick or dying, but the test rate.

Under the bill, on any particular day, the state health department, or your county health department, could issue an "emergency" lockdown order (for a period of unspecified duration) any day the "test positivity rate" met a given threshold.

Which made us wonder: What would this bill do to Michigan if it was the law of the land today?

Well, wonder no more. We crunched the numbers.

We computed the 7-day rolling average for each county in Michigan since the new year, plus the state average, to which the worse of the two would be applied to every county.

Here are the results.

Currently, we'd all be locked down right now.

And notice how widely the figures vary, especially in smaller counties, from week to week.

This wouldn't bring any relief to suffering businesses and families. It would make matters worse.

Sign the petition to stop this hideous bill from moving any further.

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