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Karamo's MIGOP Organization Releases Proposed "Constitution" – And It's As Marxist and Anti-Republican As Can Be
by Adam de Angeli      Posted March 3, 2024
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After months of work behind the scenes, the Michigan Republican Party has released its proposed “Constitution” – but the Founding Fathers would roll in their graves to see this authoritarian travesty styled after their great work.

As Scott McMahan put it, it would “make the Party of Lincoln into the Party of Lenin.”

This document confirms what we have known all along: that the goal of Kristina Karamo's handlers and her followers is to convert the Michigan Republican Party into a dictatorial cult, one that would strip away the autonomy of every county and district committee. It is the most antithetical document to conservative values and principles ever written.

Digesting every nightmarish bit of the document is a lengthy undertaking (see our discussion as we read through it at the video above), but here are the key takeaways:

1) In Section 2.4, the “constitution” declares that it supersedes all county, district, and state bylaws, and elsewhere it grants the State Central Committee the power to overrule local organizations and even expel their own members and officers. (Prior to Kristina Karamo becoming state chairman, it was unheard of for the state party to even opine on local matters.)

2) In Section 2.7, it states that committee members have a “duty of loyalty” to “place the interests of the Michigan Republican Party and the delegates before any of their personal interests.”

This is a cult mentality if ever there was one: to put the organization above God, family, and every other personal obligation.

It goes on to specify that party bosses may remove members for “disloyalty,” of course.

3. In a convoluted attempt to mirror the Bill of Rights, the document includes a statement of “rights” which includes “the right of fair treatment without respect to the former political affiliation, or any discriminatory practices.”

This is an open invitation for hardcore leftists to sue the party for “discrimination.”

But perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this “constitution” is its general construction, which features a footnote in its title, followed by five more in its preamble.

The footnotes assert that the Republican Party is immune to legal challenges and the “state chair” is the dictator of the party.

As attorney Matt Wilk said:

“This document is breathtaking in its stupidity. Their mockery of our actual Constitution and its principles is obvious and offensive. Tucked in every nook and cranny of this document is the concept of their Star Chamber of Kristina and her handlers deciding for every Republican in the state what to say, how to act and who to support. Everyone who had a hand in drafting this should be called to account.”

Indeed, after the so-called “Constitution” was released, Karamo's lieutenants immediately began damage control, claiming the document wasn't quite finalized for release, that this was a “discussion draft,” and so on.

But in fact, it was intended for adoption at the March 2, 2024 state convention, as noted on the end page, where they left room for people to proudly affix their signatures:

More importantly, the “Constitution” was developed over a long period of months – by a so-called “Committee of 17”:

View the cover letter here.

View the full “Constitution” here.

View the committee credits here.


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Adam, have you flipped your position on Karamos? I recall you vehemently supported her during the power transition.


06/11/24  7:25 PM

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