New Year's CHEERS to a Victorious 2022
by Adam de Angeli      Posted December 30, 2021

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New Year's CHEERS to a Victorious 2022
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On December 30, 2021, Rescue Michigan capped off our first year with a marathon 7-hour livestream with a fantastic panel of guests. The conversation went everywhere from redistricting, to grassroots leadership, to Judge Michael Warren casually announcing he's running for the Michigan Supreme Court.

Featuring co-hosts Adam de Angeli, Shane Trejo, and Amber Harris, with special guests:

State Representative Steve Carra

State Representative John Reilly

State Board of Education Member Tom McMillin

Judge Michael Warren

State GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock

State GOP Grassroots Vice-Chair Marian Sheridan

West Michigan Action Conservatives' Anna Timmer

Michigan Campaign for Liberty's Tony DeMott

Michigan Conservative Union's Linda Wildern

Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections' Patrice Johnson

UsAgainstMedia's John Clore

Defeating Communism PAC's David Dudenhoefer

Hillsdale County GOP officer Jon Smith

Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership's Shawn Dow

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