The Importance of Keeping a Clear Head During This Election Fraud Crisis
by Shane Trejo      Posted June 29, 2021

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We are living in revolutionary times, perhaps the most insane times that the world has ever known. This is causing stress within us that is unprecedented, and frankly, many patriots are not holding up well through these conditions.

Patriots throughout our state and nationwide are falling to utter nonsense. They are buying the hopium from known hucksters. They are dumping their money in the coffers of false idols, just to avoid the truth of the dire situation that is facing them. They are spewing theories that are making the entire movement look like fools to the broader masses.

We must be better than this.

To those who still “trust the plan,” please try to take a deep breath and think rationally. President Trump was booted from office despite obvious in-your-face voter fraud committed in a coordinated fashion by Democrats throughout the country. The legal response was humiliating. The RNC soaked up hundreds of millions of dollars with nothing to show for it. Everyone is pointing the figures of blame at everyone else.

I hate to break it to you but THIS was the plan. The plan was to screw us, rob us of our vote, and deprive us of America’s comeback. And it’s been very successful. And the delusions of desperate patriots are only making the situation that much worse for us all.

There is no core of the FBI, CIA, NSA and other deep state entities that is patriotic and working for the good guys. The military is flying LGBT flags abroad, teaching anti-white critical race theory to recruits, and purging patriots from the ranks to bring in trannies and communists. How could anyone possibly think these forces would overturn the fraud and reinstate Trump into office?

It is understandable to lose faith in America’s institutions given the current situation. They have failed us in every regard. But we must realize that these failed institutions are not going to rebound and somehow put Trump back into office. Virtually every official, whether elected or appointed and regardless of political affiliation, has gleefully enforced the vote steal or looked the other way out of cowardice.

If we want to restore freedom in this country, we have to see the world around us for what it is rather than what we wish for it to be. To quote a cliche, facts are more important than our feelings. There isn’t going to be some magical court case that will turn this around. There will be no eureka moment that wakes the masses up. The only thing that can restore our lost liberies is blood, sweat and tears from a fighting grassroots.

Rescue Michigan has never offered false hope to our supporters. We have offered the best plan, the best ideas, and the best strategy to become a leader yourself. It doesn’t involve sitting in your home and posting vague gibberish on social media platforms. It involves grassroots action based on proven principles that are known to compel success. There is no easy way out of this disaster. You will need to engage others and develop leaders in order. This is what the Founding Fathers did, and you must be prepared to take every action that they took in order to have success.

Are you up to the task as your heroic ancestors were? Then we would certainly love to have you. But we are separating the wheat from the chaff here. We demand excellence from our activists because that is what it will take to restore our nation and nothing less. We demand serious people to be leaders of men, and we will help you every step of the way to have success. But we will not harbor silly delusions or humor absurd theories. This is a serious movement, and we are intent upon achieving total victory. We hope you can be too.

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