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Gretchen Whitmer Coronavirus Vaccination Raffle Gimmick Falls 95% Short of Goal

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Eager to change the subject from her scandals, Whitmer held a festive press conference shortly before the July 4 holiday weekend, promising the chance to win millions in tax dollars to those who registered after they received a coronavirus vaccine, including $50,000 daily drawings.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Whitmer was aiming to use the gimmick to reach her goal of 70 percent of residents receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. The objective was to raise the rate by 9 percentage points, or 768,000 newly vaccinated Michiganders.

Alas, the scheme fell more than 95 percent short of its goal.

“We’re not seeing our numbers skyrocket like we hoped,” Kalamazoo County Health Officer Jim Rutherford lamented to NBC 25.

“We’re not seeing a terrible demand for the vaccine, and we’ve tried a lot of different approaches and I was hopeful that this lottery would increase that but just haven’t seen anything yet that would signify a significant increase.”

The news station noted such raffle gimmicks “did nothing to improve vaccination rates when compared to trends in other states.”
Pathetic – and a terrible waste of taxpayers' money.

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