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Grassroots Leadership: The Power To Change Our Future

Rescue Michigan voter files include:

• Name & Address
• Phone Number
• Party Affiliation
• Vote History
• Absentee Status
• Donor History
• Issue Targeting
• Demographic Information
• District Information
• Much more

For 1,000 - 3,000 registered voters in YOUR precinct
The Rescue Michigan Coalition has developed a complete set of tools for every patriotic Michigander fed up with our rights being trampled by our government. Our tools and training empower every Michigan patriot to reach out to thousands of voters – right in your own neighborhood.

The fight for liberty in Michigan isn't in Lansing. It's in our neighborhhoods. From Copper Harbor to Kalamazoo, voters decide who our leaders are. They decide whether to sign a petition. In November, they will decide who America's next President will be.

Whether you want to collect petition signatures to overturn the Emergency Powers of Governor Act, get involved in a legislative campaign, run for township board, or help somebody else running for office, there is nothing more powerful and effective than become a grassroots leader in your own precinct.

Which is why the political class never tell you this!

But Rescue Michigan isn't just saying this: We are thrilled to announce that we are able to provide every volunteer the tools to make a difference in our communities, with state-of-the-art voter information, and the training to put it to use.

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