Stop the SCAMs: Order Fliers

Stop the SCAM Proposals: Inform your neighbors!

The Rescue Michigan Coalition has developed a hard-hitting flier to expose the truth about the SCAM and VoteSCAM proposals that the mass media will hide from Michigan voters.

You can download the flier here, or (as we recommend) ordering professionally-printed fliers in bulk.

Fliers are available in quantities of 1,000. If you plan to circulate these fliers in your precinct, we strongly recommend you order a box of 2,000 fliers. The average precinct has 1,000 households and this will give you plenty of extra materials to hand out and perhaps cover an additional precinct before the election.

Download the flier and print it yourself

If you prefer to print the flier yourself or have the flier printed yourself, you can download the files here.

Click the images above to open full-size, 300dpi images that can be printed on 8.5x11" paper. After you open them, choose "File-->Save" to save the images to your computer.

For a PDF version of the flier, click here.

If you need the images with a bleed area, you can download the images with a 1/8" bleed area around the page:

SCAM Side - VoteSCAM Side

White-background version for less ink-intensive home printing. SCAM Side - VoteSCAM Side

NEW September 13: G-rated version with white background for home printing

This version omits graphic imagery and adds the new numbers as the proposals will appear on the ballot.

Order Fliers

In the meantime, please download and print them on your own, or request fliers using the form below!

Flier Request Form

Our Ballot Proposal fliers have sold out, but if you submit your name and contact information here, we will ask those who have ordered fliers to reach out to you if they have fliers to spare. We cannot promise you will receive fliers, but we will help you find them.

Your first name:
Last name:
If we print more fliers, would you order at least one box of 1000? Yes      No
If we printed the "G-rated" version of the flier, would you order at least one box of 1000? Yes      No

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