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Kristina Karamo's Desolate Imperium
Posted December 3, 2023

Join us for a HUGE panel discussion on the future of the Michigan Republican Party as Chair Kristina Karamo's most recent attempt to hijack the state and local parties backfired and the party becomes increasingly mired in financial and legal problems.

(1 hour 54 minutes)

The Worst Legislation of 2023
Posted November 19, 2023

Let's recap all of the worst, most extreme and damaging bills introduced and passed by the state legislature. Hopefully this will give you plenty to talk about with family over Thanksgiving!

(1 hour 30 minutes)

Michigan Republican Party Implodes as Democrats Skate on Destroying Michigan
Posted November 15, 2023

A first look at the last bills of the Democrat Bloodbath of 2023, the latest horror stories from the Michigan Republican Party, and how all of this is destroying what is left of our once-great State: All that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan Livestream!

(1 hour 25 minutes)

1 Year To Election Day: Situation Update
Posted November 5, 2023

Latest atrocities in Michigan legislature, Biden poll numbers in the toilet, global crises spiraling out of control, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 16 minutes)

Biden's Geopolitical Disasters
Posted November 1, 2023

Let's talk about Ukraine, Israel, and the Biden regime's role in screwing everything up. Plus, live votes to destroy liberty in the Michigan House!

(55 minutes)

Lansing Democrats Burning the Bill of Rights
Posted October 29, 2023

Shocking legislation moving through Lansing aims to shred every part of the First Amendment, from freedom of speech and freedom of assembly to the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. On tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream, we'll give you the full run-down. Plus: other bills to make Democrats' lobbyists rich at your expense.

(1 hour 9 minutes)

The Neocons Strike Back
Posted October 22, 2023

John James sabotages Speaker race for Jim Jordan; will there be consequences? Neocons settle on Nikki Haley as their presidential pick; Lansing Democrats drop most extreme bills yet while Republicans introduce garbage; all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 33 minutes)

Lansing Update w/ Rep. Steve Carra
Posted October 15, 2023

Representative Steve Carra joins us to discuss last week's floor fight on a special interest deal and the current state of Lansing politics in general on this week's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream.

(1 hour 22 minutes)

Inside MIGOP Wackyland
Posted October 11, 2023

Let's talk about what's happened to the Michigan Republican Party.

(1 hour 41 minutes)

The Week of Chaos
Posted October 8, 2023

War breaks out in Israel, fingers crossed for Jim Jordan for Speaker, lawfare on Trump, RFK on the precipice of a terrible decision, Michigan GOP bank records leak, morale collapses in Ukraine, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 13 minutes)

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy evicted from office. What comes next?
Posted October 5, 2023

Who would YOU tell your representative in Congress to support for Speaker of the House?

(17 minutes)

GOP Infighting vs. the Left Wing Machine
Posted October 1, 2023

Tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream: thoughts on a contentious Mackinac Conference, Michigan GOP gets its delegates back, Matt Gaetz takes on Kevin McCarthy, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(65 minutes)

GOP Also-Ran Debate Watch Live Stream!
Posted September 27, 2023

Let's watch the second debate among the Republicans who will not be the Republican nominee! This is a live viewing and there WILL be our commentary -- if you want to watch the debate without commentary, watch somewhere else! (3 hours 4 minutes)

Pre-Debate Post-Mackinac Republican Sitrep Stream
Posted September 26, 2023

After a quiet Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference last weekend, Michigan's Republican Party is more disoriented than ever as Chairwoman Kristina Karamo tells critics to "pound sand"; Republican debate tomorrow; Canada salutes the Axis; Democrats go all in for child abuse; all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan live stream!

(50 minutes)

The Coming Judicial Smackdowns of Democrat Sedition
Posted September 10, 2023

As Democrat legal theories go from fringe to delusional in their efforts to sabotage the 2024 election, a judicial smackdown is coming. Let's talk about that government censorship getting BTFO'd in the Court of Appeals, and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 13 minutes)

The Plot to Steal 2024
Posted September 3, 2023

Despite setbacks, Democrats plow forward with plans to sabotage the 2024 election by any means necessary. Kevin McCarthy slow-walks impeachment as evidence piles up, the world officially unites against Biden's America, Ukraine and Europe collapsing, nuclear threats escalate, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 22 minutes)

Crimes Against Trump: Crimes Against America
Posted August 27, 2023

Let's discuss the latest false charges against President Trump, other new efforts to block him from returning to the White House, the broader crimes against democracy perpetrated by Democrats at large, what Trump will do about it, and what we should be doing about it.

(1 hour 39 minutes)

Live Streaming the GOP Debate of Losing Trump Challengers
Posted August 23, 2023

We're live streaming the Republican Presidential Debate featuring the also-rans who will not be the nominee!

Will Mike Pence double down on treason? Will Ron DeSantis take a courageous stand on Ukraine or go full neocon? Will Nikki Haley formulate a coherent thought? Will Chris Christie eat Vivek Ramaswamy? (Post-stream update: No; Vivek knocked the daylights out of Christie.) Will the moderators remember the name of the guy from North Dakota? Will Perry Johnson get his money back? All that and more as we watch the Republican Presidential Losers Debate!

(3 hours 6 minutes)

Rescue Michigan Reboot Stream
Posted August 13, 2023

We've been quiet for the past couple weeks, but we've been busy. Building an organization, precinct canvassing, Hunter Biden's whitewash probe, Joe Biden impeached again, recall petitions thrown out, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 8 minutes)

Total Disaster in Ukraine: What Will Biden's Next Blunder Be?
Posted August 6, 2023

A deep look at the total failure of the Biden-backed offensive in Ukraine leaves the regime with few options left. Tonight we'll talk about what the Biden regime's next desperate move might be -- and what we need to prepare for. ALSO: Democrats introduce socialized medicine in Michigan...

(1 hour 16 minutes)

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