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The Real Story Behind the Virginia Victory of November 2020
Posted November 10, 2021

Rescue Michigan interviews Chris Anders, professional political operative and instructor for the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, to discuss all the details on what led to the Demcrats' drubbing in which Republicans reclaimed the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and state House of Virginia. Join us for an insightful interview on effective political leadership!

(1 hour 26 minutes)

Let's Watch and Review "Special Assignment: Election Theft?"
Posted November 9, 2021

We have a new 2020 election documentary; this one's a tight 28 minutes. Let's watch it together and talk about its facts and arguments.

(1 hour 5 minutes)

New Election Lawsuit: Michigan Refused to Purge 25,000 Dead Voters from Rolls
Posted November 7, 2021

Let's discuss the newest lawsuit filed against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, in which they allege that the SOS repeatedly refused to purge 25,000 voters from the rolls. We'll read through the suit and talk about what might happen next.

(1 hour, 1 minute)

Good News and Grassroots Leadership with Anna Timmer & Amber Harris
Posted November 5, 2021

Join us to discuss some recent positive political and legal developments and effective grassroots leadership with Anna Timmer of West Michigan Action Conservatives and Amber Harris of Young America First Republicans and Oakland County GOP.

West Michigan Action Conservatives
Young America First Republicans
Oakland County GOP

(1 hour 48 minutes)

Let's Try Livestreaming on Rumble and Talk Elections, Vaccines, and Kyle Rittenhouse
Posted November 1, 2021

Rescue Michigan is in YouTube jail for reporting accurate information on the total lack of election integrity in Michigan. We're done with YouTube, at least for now, so let's discuss everything here that is forbidden from YouTube!

(1 hour 8 minutes)

Grassroots Leadership Stream
Posted October 29, 2021

New tools available at, two active petition campaigns, and where we are on various legislative projects.

(1 hour 22 minutes)

Let's Discuss the State of Affairs
Posted October 26, 2021

A big recap on everything in Michigan politics. (Edit: turns out we didn't discuss *everything* in Michigan politics, but only a couple big things that happened that day, with a few "big picture" thoughts at the end.)

(1 hour 41 minutes)

Adam de Angeli at Bloomfield Republican Women's Club: "Effective Political Action in the Age of Censorship"
Posted October 21, 2021

Rescue Michigan's Adam de Angeli gives a lecture on Effective Political Action in the Age of Censorship at the Bloomfield Republican Women's Club.

(1 hour 9 minutes)

Lucas Gerhard's Legislative Hearing Debrief
Posted October 19, 2021

This was originally live-streamed on Youtube shortly after I got back from the hearing. Long story short: It couldn't have gone any better.

(22 minutes)

Lucas Gerhard's Supreme Court Appeal
Posted October 17, 2021

Lucas Gerhard was charged with making a terrorist threat (a 20-year felony) for joking that his rifle would "make snowflakes melt" -- and the Michigan Court of Appeals decided it was fine for every citizen of Michigan to be subjected to that same legal standard. Adam from Rescue Michigan breaks down Lucas's appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court.

(39 minutes)

Rescue Michigan Talks MIGOP Politics
Posted October 17, 2021

Certain individuals have been spreading nasty and false rumors about various Republican officials. Nothing wrong with criticizing politicians or the party, but lies are lies.

(1 hour 26 minutes)

Livestream: Big News on Election Integrity, Lucas Gerhard, and Some Dumb Legislation
Posted October 14, 2021

Ann Bollin makes excuses for blocking election bills, Wayne County wants to break the law on canvassers, RICO lawsuit filed on behalf of Michigan poll challengers, Lucas Gerhard appeals to state Supreme Court and may have a hearing Tuesday, and a certain video channel hates us!

(1 hour 31 minutes)

Livestream: Arizona Audit, State Budget, "Cannabis Cartel" Legislation
Posted October 2, 2021

Arizona audit dud, state republicans pass largest budget ever, new legislation to create a "Big Weed" cartel, and an urgent call to save the signature match for absentee ballots.

(57 minutes)

Updates: Vaccine mandates, ballot proposals, redistricting, dead legislation, and more
Posted October 2, 2021

Let's discuss all the pending political topics and discuss priorities moving forward.

(1 hour 1 minute)

Rescue Michigan Testifies Against MISOS Benson's Plan to Gut Absentee Ballot Signature Verification
Posted October 1, 2021

Rescue Michigan's Adam de Angeli appeared in Detroit at the public hearing on a proposed administrative rule by the Michigan Secretary of State, left-wing lunatic Jocelyn Benson, to effectively eliminate signature verification of absentee ballots.

Absentee ballots are the principal source of election fraud, according to the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform (and also this is obvious.)

Under Benson's proposed rule, almost any signature would have to be accepted, and the rule itself actually provides a fool-proof formula for forgery to fraudsters.

(2 minutes)

Watch the full hearing here.

How to Respond to Politicians' Brush-Off Letters
Posted September 20, 2021

Senator Mallory McMorrow told a constituent "I don't reply to form emails such as petitions or mass online letters." What do you do when a politician gives you the brush-off like this? You show her you aren't playing around...

(6 minutes)

Republican State Representative Sanctioned by Republican Leadership for Unsubstantiated Allegations?
Posted September 18, 2021

Republican Rep. Steve Marino was a pile of trash, but did he abuse his girlfriend, Democrat Rep. Mari Manoogian? The Speaker sanctioned him before they got any answers. What does this say about how Republicans operate?

(14 minutes)

Rescue Michigan on Petitions, Grassroots Leadership, and Current Events
Posted September 13, 2021

Adam and Shane break down the news, provide updates on petition projects, discuss effective grassroots leadership, currents events, and more.

(1 hour 42 minutes)

Some news about Rescue Michigan petitions
Posted September 11, 2021

We had a glitch in our website... Everything is OK now, but we needed to let you know. We hand-delivered 556 pages of petitions to 148 state legislative offices yesterday, and our email system is working better than ever.

Also, we address your concerns about petitioning. And we're launching a new petition tomorrow.

(8 minutes)

Interview with Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections' Patrice Johnson
Posted September 2, 2021

A discussion on the latest developments in restoring integrity to Michigan elections.

(1 hour 40 minutes)

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