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Week In Review: Tyranny Grinds On, Trump Speaks Out, State Media Whines
Posted April 16, 2023

It's been another busy week in politics. Let's talk about Michigan Dems' latest assaults on freedom and the big stories this week.

(45 minutes)

The Donald Trump Interview
Posted April 12, 2023

President Trump gave his first interview since being arraigned on false charges last week. Let's watch his interview with Tucker Carlson and talk about it.

(1 hour 23 minutes)

Confronting the Mob
Posted April 2, 2023

Let's talk about the news of the week and how to fight back. PLUS, a special guest joins us to discuss the attempt murder of Rand Paul's staffer, Phillip Todd.

(1 hour 24 minutes)

Trump Falsely Indicted, Mackey Falsely Convicted: Mob Justice in Biden's America
Posted March 31, 2023

Let's talk about some major national news, major degradations of justice in America, and appropriate responses to them.

(42 minutes)

100 Days of Democrat Extremism
Posted March 26, 2023

A wrap-up of the first 100 days of the Michigan Legislature under Democrat rule: radical assaults on civil liberties, economic gains, and the rule of law. Plus: America's global standing in decline, DeSantis campaign implodes, the Michigan Republican Party flails helplessly -- all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 22 minutes)

Time to Talk to Your Neighbors
Posted March 19, 2023

Michigan Democrats pass extremist policies in Lansing, New York Democrats pursue bogus charges against President Trump, Washington Democrats defend Federal Reserve secrecy and bailouts. Time to talk to your neighbors and wake them up!

(1 hour 3 minutes)

Radical Transgender Union Boss Gun Grab: Keeping Up With Lansing
Posted March 12, 2023

A wrap-up of all the crazy legislation passed last week, more bad bills being introduced, and showcasing the new tools at to track it all.

(1 hour 2 minutes)

Thomas More Society Presentation
Posted March 12, 2023

An update on litigation on various fronts by the Thomas More Society.

(1 hour 34 minutes)

Scott Ritter on the War Machine and the Future of the Antiwar Movement
Posted March 5, 2023

On this week's livestream, we are joined by a very special guest. Scott Ritter is a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector, author of several books, including his latest, "Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika."
Mr. Ritter joins us for a discussion on the future of the anti-war movement at this key moment when the West's war with Russia shows no signs of de-escalation and the humanitarian tragedy continues in Ukraine.

(1 hour 33 minutes)

One Year of Barbarity, Paid for by Your Taxes
Posted February 26, 2023

Let's talk about what's going on in Ukraine, plus some updates on the collapse on the home front.
As discussed on the show, if you want to see what war really looks like...


Michigan GOP Elects New Leadership, Democrats Move to Destroy Rights
Posted February 19, 2023

Another busy week in Michigan politics. The Republican Party elected its new leadership (to use the term loosely), while Democrats announced plans to crack down on gun ownership and launch a new religious war on conservatives and Christians.

All that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly live stream!

(1 hour 8 minutes)

Candidate Recruitment and Vetting
Posted February 12, 2023

A lot of Democrats need to be beaten next year, and a lot of Republicans are going to earn primary challengers. Let's talk about how to find the strongest candidates out there for these challenging races.

(1 hour 11 minutes)

Holding Lawmakers Accountable
Posted February 5, 2023

Political actions CAN have consequences. Let's talk about some interesting things happening in Lansing and Washington and how we can help shape them.

(1 hour 7 minutes)

State of the State: Mismanaged
Posted January 29, 2023

Inflation stealing every which way, financial crisis coming, civil rights in jeopardy... But is there hope on the horizon?

(59 minutes)

Crumbling Empires
Posted January 22, 2023

Biden thrown under the bus, Davos sinks into irrelevance, Ukraine's downfall, Alec Baldwin charged, Bill Huizenga pushes "diversity and inclusion" in banking instead of auditing the Fed, all that and more on this week's Rescue Michigan livestream!
Full Harvey Santana Speech here.
Grassroots Leadership Schools here.
Link to Open Source Verified Voting System here.
Video on Verified Voting here.

(1 hour 13 minutes)

Democrats Take Over Lansing: The Garbage Begins
Posted January 15, 2023

Right to work on the chopping block, Republicans given zero committees, and other abuses of power begin on Day One! All that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan live stream!

(55 minutes)

One True Michigan Patriot
Posted January 8, 2023

Memories and political chat with friends of Tony DeMott, one of the finest liberty activists in Michigan ever had.

(1 hour 42 minutes)

Biggest Winners and Losers of 2022; Defending Liberty in 2023
Posted January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! Let's recap the biggest winners and losers of the past year, and let's discuss the plan for victory in 2023.

(1 hour 15 minutes)

Preparing for 2023
Posted December 18, 2022

Let's talk about planning for the new year: building grassroots organizations in what will be a very bad legislative environment. 2023 will be the year of opportunity battles.

(1 hour 9 minutes)

Bluebloods and Assclowns: The Losers Who Want to Lead
Posted December 4, 2022

On tonight's weekly Rescue Michigan Livestream, let's talk about the candidates to lead the Michigan Republican Party: A losing Senate candidate, a losing House candidate, a losing AG candidate, a losing SOS candidate, and a couple come-latelies.
Is this the best we can do?

We'll also discuss the county conventions and how we might be able to rebuild the GOP from a terrible year.

(1 hour)

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