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A Quick Word About Kindness, Courtesy, Bluntness, and Meanness.
Posted September 4, 2022

A viewer raised an important point about my demeanor discussing recent political events, and how we should treat each other. This is my response.

(31 minutes)

Preparing for the Election Crunch
Posted September 4, 2022

It's the last holiday weekend before the midterm election. Let's talk about EVERYTHING we need to do to save our State this November.

(1 hour 10 minutes)

New Rescue Michigan Flier: Gretchen Whitmer
Posted September 1, 2022

Check out our new flier, exposing the truth about Michigan's Worst Governor, the unrepentant dictator, Gretchen Whitmer.

(52 minutes)

Convention Wrap-Up and Defeating the Radical Left in November
Posted August 28, 2022

Some crazy things occurred at the Republican State Convention yesterday. Let's talk about it, celebrate Shane Hernandez's blowout victory, and talk about what we need to do to defeat the Democrats and never allow our state to be locked down by extremists again.

(1 hour 24 minutes)

Live with Shane Hernandez, Conservative Champion for Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
Posted August 25, 2022

Join us for a very special interview with Rep. Shane Hernandez, once named the Most Conservative Lawmaker in Lansing, to discuss Michigan, the upcoming election, and how we can mobilize to take back our once-great State.

(1 hour 24 minutes)

A Brilliant Pick: The Truth About Shane Hernandez
Posted August 21, 2022

Shane Hernandez isn't just a solid choice for Lieutenant Governor of Michigan. He's a conservative rock star, a fighter for everything we believe in, and a perfect complement to Tudor Dixon on the ticket. Naturally, he's being slandered left and right. It's time to set the record straight.

(1 hour 35 minutes)

A quick prediction about tomorrow.
Posted August 19, 2022

Just something I wanted to put on record due to time-sensitivity.

(6 minutes)

Liz Cheney's Getting Canned. What about Alaska? Understanding IRV and Other Election Schemes
Posted August 16, 2022

Let's celebrate tonight as Liz Cheney gets fired by her voters... but let's also talk about the weirdness going on in Alaska. What is Instant Runoff Voting? How does it work? Who's behind it? And how can we fix defects in Michigan's election system?

Update: I pronounced her name wrong; it's "HAY-guh-man"

(41 minutes)

Weekly Livestream: Lawfare Against Trump, Convention Results, Fighting the Proposals + More
Posted August 14, 2022

Another busy week in politics. Let's talk about the FBI RAID on President Trump, what happened at various county conventions around the state, and what we're going to do to fight the terrible ballot proposals and sweep out the radical Marxist Democrats in the process!

(1 hour 54 minutes)

Let's Review and Discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene's Article of Impeachment
Posted August 13, 2022

A short, surprise livestream on a relevant political topic that explores the age-old question: "Why Is Our Side So Dumb?"

(39 minutes)

RINO Hunt Complete. Now Let's Bag Some Jackasses.
Posted August 7, 2022

The primary election is over, and it was, by most accounts, a pretty successful RINO hunt. Now it's time to talk about putting an end to left-wing tyranny in Michigan with a resounding defeat this coming November.

(1 hour 6 minutes)

Election Night Live: Let's Watch and Discuss the Results!
Posted August 2, 2022

We'll be watching all the elections in Michigan, report and discuss the results, and even share what we did to help inform voters across Michigan in the most important races that will shape Michigan's future.

(3 hours 4 minutes)

Last Stream Before the Primary Election
Posted July 31, 2022

All the latest political news in Michigan: New Democrat vote fraud schemes, out-of-state meddling, Trump's endorsement, working the polls, and much more!

(1 hour 21 minutes)

Weekly Livestream: Election Madness
Posted July 24, 2022

Let's discuss all the latest in primary politics, and left-wing vote fraud, including their plan to meddle in Republican primaries!

Court of Appeals decision on Gina Johnsen's case is posted here.

The Final Order on the Carra v. Benson case is here.

Source for cold open is NationalFile at this link.

(1 hour 4 minutes)

The Left Goes All In: Stopping the Permanent Destruction of Michigan
Posted July 17, 2022

Two amendments to the Michigan Constitution are likely to appear on the ballot this November: one to permanently end democracy in Michigan by removing every last safeguard against election fraud, and another to legalize all abortion and sexual mutilation of children.

Let's talk about how we can Rescue Michigan from this planned catastrophe.

(1 hour 28 minutes)

Grassroots Leadership Series: Poll Worker Training
Posted July 13, 2022

Did you sign up to work the polls on Election Day? In this video, Adam will go over all the things you WON'T learn in your official training -- but need to know.

Legal cheat sheet (NOT legal advice!)

(1 hour 13 minutes)

Free Speech Stream: Michigan Political Prisoner Freed, Election Season Lies, & More!
Posted July 10, 2022

Lucas Gerhard is freed from his witch trial. Voters being fed lies by dark money groups. Twitter censoring again now that Musk is out of the picture. A new lawsuit against the FDA for defrauding the public. And Hunter Biden's phone was hacked. Lots of free speech topics for tonight's live stream!

Children's Health Defense Lawsuit available here

(1 hour 10 minutes)

Let's Review the Lawmaker Report Card
Posted July 3, 2022

Truly, are ruled by our worst. Let's review how badly our lawmakers let us down in this week's Sunday night livestream!

(1 hour 11 minutes)

Big Week for Gun Rights with Great Lakes Gun Rights' Brenden Boudreau
Posted June 27, 2022

Join us to discuss the Supreme Court decision overturning New York's ban on carrying in public, the betrayal by Senate (and House) Republicans that enacted the worst deprivation of gun rights in decades, and what we can do to fight back. Featuring Brenden Boudreau of Great Lakes Gun Rights, the state affiliate of the National Association for Gun Rights.

(1 hour 7 minutes)

Gun Rights, Primary Election Underway, and the Biggest Lie in Politics
Posted June 26, 2022

This may be the most important weekly live stream we've done all year. It's time to hold RINOs accountable... and on this stream we will discuss the Biggest Lie in Politics, the lie that has kept RINOs in office.

(1 hour 33 minutes)

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