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Election Day Plans: It's Up to You
Posted November 6, 2022

The races are close. They will be decided by how well the grassroots turns out on Election Day to rally the vote. Let's talk about what to do.

(1 hour 21 minutes)

9 Days Left
Posted October 30, 2022

Our weekly Michigan Election situation update with the election around the corner!
A recap of the week's big news, and a discussion on being as effective as we can be in this final push.

(1 hour 15 minutes)

Child Sexual Mutilation on the Michigan Ballot Exposed by Tucker Carlson
Posted October 29, 2022

John Gibbs joins Tucker Carlson to expose the hidden truth about Proposal 3 in Michigan. Originally aired October 28, 2022.

(3 minutes)

The Final Debate! Gretchen Whitmer v. Tudor Dixon!
Posted October 25, 2022

Join us for our live pre-debate coverage and live commentary as we watch Tudor Dixon face off against our cruel governess, Gretchen Whitmer, in the second and final Michigan gubernatorial debate!

With special guest Robert Zimmerman, candidate for Washtenaw County Commission.

(2 hours 13 minutes)

Benson Loses; Will Republicans Win?
Posted October 23, 2022

On this weekly livestream, we'll talk about everything we need to do to win on November 8 and what comes next. Jocelyn Benson's court loss paves the way for transparency, Proposal 1, Election Day Operations, future of the GOP, a Michigan First legislative agenda - all that and more on tonight's live stream!

"I Didn't Know" - The Truth About Prop 3, #1
Posted October 18, 2022

Created with permission.
View the full video here.
More info on Prop 3 here.
Print fliers here.

"I Didn't Know" - The Truth About Prop 3, #2
Posted October 18, 2022

Created with permission.
View the full video here.
More info on Prop 3 here.
Print fliers here.

"I Didn't Know" - The Truth About Prop 3, #3
Posted October 18, 2022

Created with permission.
View the full video here.
More info on Prop 3 here.
Print fliers here.

Weekly Livestream: Mobilizing for Victory!
Posted October 16, 2022

Let's review the week's news, the Dixon/Whitmer debate, our new flier on Dana Nessel, and everything the grassroots needs to do to win their precincts for freedom! With special guest Patty P.

(1 hour 17 minutes)

Tudor Dixon Debates Gretchen Whitmer LIVE Watch Party!
Posted October 13, 2022

We're going to watch and provide live commentary as Tudor Dixon takes on the most incompetent governor in Michigan history, Gretchen Whitmer, in the first of only two debates. Will Tudor make the most of it and dismantle the Gretchen's lies? Let's find out! With special guest Patty P.

(2 hours 18 minutes)

Let's Watch a Debate!
Posted October 11, 2022

Grading the debate performance of JD Vance vs. Tim Ryan, candidates for U.S. Senate in Ohio.

(1 hour 20 minutes)

The Art of Persuasion
Posted October 9, 2022

Tonight's live stream will focus on techniques to win over voters and persuade them to vote against the tyrannical Democrats. We'll be watching some recent debates and maybe giving Tudor Dixon some pointers in her upcoming debate with Gretchen Whitmer. Plus, the rundown of the week's news, the absentee chase is on, and more!

(1 hour 23 minutes)

New Lawsuit Against Corrupt Michigan Election Chief Jocelyn Benson and More News
Posted October 6, 2022

Let's review the Republican National Committee's new lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's illegal "guidance" for poll challengers. Also, news in the Biden administration's persecution of peaceful protesters, possible Hunter Biden indictment coming, and more news!

(1 hour 2 minutes)

The Election Is ON with special guest Lucas Gerhard
Posted October 2, 2022

An interview with Michigan's political prisoner, Lucas Gerhard, followed by our weekly review of the news, preparing for the midterm elections, getting out of our echo chamber, all that and more on our Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 31 minutes)

Arguing with Idiots: Political Debate Tactics
Posted September 29, 2022

Let's learn how to argue with leftists by watching someone fail at it!

Also, I'll be addressing some vulgar accusations!

(1 hour 36 minutes)

Remorseless Shooter of Pro-Life Activist Claims "Accident": What Does the Law Say?
Posted September 28, 2022

Let's analyze the shooting of the 83-year-old female victim of Richard Harvey, who shot a pro-life activist at his home last week, and what charges he could (or should) face.

(25 minutes)

Dying for Delusions
Posted September 25, 2022

Tonight's weekly live stream will have a theme about delusions.

Few people really understand the power of delusion. Delusion is even more than the total loss of rational thought relating to the object of the delusion. Delusion is the total shutoff of sensory input. The brain not only refuses to believe the ears and ears; it conjures false sensations.

Tonight we'll talk about delusions: of the Democrat Left, of NATO... and perhaps most painfully, of ourselves.

(See PIME's HAVA lawsuit here.)

(See PIME's amicus brief to the US Supreme Court on state legislature's rights to determine election procedures here.)

(1 hour 32 minutes)

Child Abuse on the Ballot in Michigan
Posted September 18, 2022

On our weekly livestream we recap Michigan political news and explain how we can stop the radical agenda by exposing it in these final weeks before Election Day.

(1 hour 16 minutes)

Michigan Election Prep Stream
Posted September 17, 2022

A review of effective grassroots door-to-door campaign materials, and few other things.

(44 minutes)

Weekly Recap: That Election Is Getting Pretty Close
Posted September 11, 2022

Less than two months before Election Day. Less than two weeks before absentee ballots land. Let's discuss what's going on in the media, in the campaigns, and what needs to happen on the ground.

(1 hour 5 minutes)

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