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Arguing with Idiots: Political Debate Tactics
Posted September 29, 2022

Let's learn how to argue with leftists by watching someone fail at it!

Also, I'll be addressing some vulgar accusations!

(1 hour 36 minutes)

Remorseless Shooter of Pro-Life Activist Claims "Accident": What Does the Law Say?
Posted September 28, 2022

Let's analyze the shooting of the 83-year-old female victim of Richard Harvey, who shot a pro-life activist at his home last week, and what charges he could (or should) face.

(25 minutes)

Dying for Delusions
Posted September 25, 2022

Tonight's weekly live stream will have a theme about delusions.

Few people really understand the power of delusion. Delusion is even more than the total loss of rational thought relating to the object of the delusion. Delusion is the total shutoff of sensory input. The brain not only refuses to believe the ears and ears; it conjures false sensations.

Tonight we'll talk about delusions: of the Democrat Left, of NATO... and perhaps most painfully, of ourselves.

(See PIME's HAVA lawsuit here.)

(See PIME's amicus brief to the US Supreme Court on state legislature's rights to determine election procedures here.)

(1 hour 32 minutes)

Child Abuse on the Ballot in Michigan
Posted September 18, 2022

On our weekly livestream we recap Michigan political news and explain how we can stop the radical agenda by exposing it in these final weeks before Election Day.

(1 hour 16 minutes)

Michigan Election Prep Stream
Posted September 17, 2022

A review of effective grassroots door-to-door campaign materials, and few other things.

(44 minutes)

Weekly Recap: That Election Is Getting Pretty Close
Posted September 11, 2022

Less than two months before Election Day. Less than two weeks before absentee ballots land. Let's discuss what's going on in the media, in the campaigns, and what needs to happen on the ground.

(1 hour 5 minutes)

Defeating the Abortion Lies
Posted September 9, 2022

A deep dive into how the truth CAN win on the issue that will determine whether Michigan is rescued in 2022, or embraces mass murder forever.

A very important video, because if we don't win on this issue, we lose on them all.

(44 minutes)

Movie Review: "My Son Hunter"
Posted September 8, 2022

Don't worry about spoilers; there's nothing to spoil.

(19 minutes)

A Quick Word About Kindness, Courtesy, Bluntness, and Meanness.
Posted September 4, 2022

A viewer raised an important point about my demeanor discussing recent political events, and how we should treat each other. This is my response.

(31 minutes)

Preparing for the Election Crunch
Posted September 4, 2022

It's the last holiday weekend before the midterm election. Let's talk about EVERYTHING we need to do to save our State this November.

(1 hour 10 minutes)

New Rescue Michigan Flier: Gretchen Whitmer
Posted September 1, 2022

Check out our new flier, exposing the truth about Michigan's Worst Governor, the unrepentant dictator, Gretchen Whitmer.

(52 minutes)

Convention Wrap-Up and Defeating the Radical Left in November
Posted August 28, 2022

Some crazy things occurred at the Republican State Convention yesterday. Let's talk about it, celebrate Shane Hernandez's blowout victory, and talk about what we need to do to defeat the Democrats and never allow our state to be locked down by extremists again.

(1 hour 24 minutes)

Live with Shane Hernandez, Conservative Champion for Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
Posted August 25, 2022

Join us for a very special interview with Rep. Shane Hernandez, once named the Most Conservative Lawmaker in Lansing, to discuss Michigan, the upcoming election, and how we can mobilize to take back our once-great State.

(1 hour 24 minutes)

A Brilliant Pick: The Truth About Shane Hernandez
Posted August 21, 2022

Shane Hernandez isn't just a solid choice for Lieutenant Governor of Michigan. He's a conservative rock star, a fighter for everything we believe in, and a perfect complement to Tudor Dixon on the ticket. Naturally, he's being slandered left and right. It's time to set the record straight.

(1 hour 35 minutes)

A quick prediction about tomorrow.
Posted August 19, 2022

Just something I wanted to put on record due to time-sensitivity.

(6 minutes)

Liz Cheney's Getting Canned. What about Alaska? Understanding IRV and Other Election Schemes
Posted August 16, 2022

Let's celebrate tonight as Liz Cheney gets fired by her voters... but let's also talk about the weirdness going on in Alaska. What is Instant Runoff Voting? How does it work? Who's behind it? And how can we fix defects in Michigan's election system?

Update: I pronounced her name wrong; it's "HAY-guh-man"

(41 minutes)

Weekly Livestream: Lawfare Against Trump, Convention Results, Fighting the Proposals + More
Posted August 14, 2022

Another busy week in politics. Let's talk about the FBI RAID on President Trump, what happened at various county conventions around the state, and what we're going to do to fight the terrible ballot proposals and sweep out the radical Marxist Democrats in the process!

(1 hour 54 minutes)

Let's Review and Discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene's Article of Impeachment
Posted August 13, 2022

A short, surprise livestream on a relevant political topic that explores the age-old question: "Why Is Our Side So Dumb?"

(39 minutes)

RINO Hunt Complete. Now Let's Bag Some Jackasses.
Posted August 7, 2022

The primary election is over, and it was, by most accounts, a pretty successful RINO hunt. Now it's time to talk about putting an end to left-wing tyranny in Michigan with a resounding defeat this coming November.

(1 hour 6 minutes)

Election Night Live: Let's Watch and Discuss the Results!
Posted August 2, 2022

We'll be watching all the elections in Michigan, report and discuss the results, and even share what we did to help inform voters across Michigan in the most important races that will shape Michigan's future.

(3 hours 4 minutes)

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