Rescue Michigan Announces Comprehensive Election Integrity Plan, Powerful Grassroots Leadership Tools


• Rescue Michigan Coalition offers Election Reform Plan as Public Draft, invites feedback from grassroots leaders for further refinement
• Proposal would address more than 12 major defects in Michigan's election law
• Bill would be veto-proof if organization collects sufficient signatures
• Plan includes voter ID requirements, signature checks, ballot security features, transparency, legal remedies, and much more
• Rescue Michigan website empowers activists with top-tier lists and tools usually only available to professionals
• Versatile grassroots tools can be used for any activist project, not just election reform
• Site empowers citizens to access enhanced voter lists, create petitions, call voters, and self-publish articles
• Coalition founded by political veterans that became election whistleblowers
• Coalition welcomes grassroots groups to use tools provided for all patriotic purposes increase their power and effectiveness

A new organization founded by veteran Michigan conservative grassroots leaders, the Rescue Michigan Coalition, has released a comprehensive election reform plan to restore integrity in state elections, while simultaneously launching an online grassroots action center with tools to connect grassroots leaders across Michigan and outfit them with sophisticated voter data and additional organizational tools and training.

The plan, which contains more than twelve major reforms to Michigan's election law in a single bill, is the first of its kind: A comprehensive election reform plan, crafted to respond to massive problems experienced in the November 2020 election, professionally drafted by counsel, and comprising a single bill that could be passed without being subject to veto by Governor Gretchen Whitmer – if initiated by a petition of Michigan citizens.

The plan includes the following provisions:
     • Establishing clear procedures for genuine bipartisan apportionment in the hiring of poll workers;
     • Ensuring poll workers are informed of the rights of poll challengers and the criminal penalties for infringing on them;
     • Empowering election challengers and observers to document events that they witness;
     • Creating a uniform standard for meaningful signature checks and mandating their usage in all election proceedings;
     • Preventing private non-governmental organizations from issuing absentee ballot applications;
     • Making the absentee ballot signature verification process open to observers and challengers;
     • Eliminating ballot drop boxes;
     • Prohibiting ballot tabulators from being connected to the Internet and providing for limited "spot check" recounts;
     • Implementing the ballot tracker program statewide;
     • Tightening ballot chain-of-custody procedures and requiring security features for ballots;
     • Creating a process for county canvassers to rescind certification if made under duress;
     • Allowing facts to be determined in "un-recountable" precincts;
     • Extending requirements for retaining ballots and other records from one month to six;
     • Prohibiting private entities from funding public election officials.

Rescue Michigan founder Adam de Angeli emphasized that the plan is currently to be considered a "Public Draft" and stakeholders are encouraged to reach out and offer their recommendations.

"We recognize that fixing Michigan's broken elections will be a major undertaking, and we will exercise due diligence to ensure we get the policy right before we proceed," de Angeli said.

"We have prepared what we can confidently say is a massively beneficial set of reforms, contained in one single bill. It's a great start, but we want to consider every possible improvement to make it the best bill it can be.

"We will be engaging lawmakers, attorneys, and other experts, but we want to hear from everybody. We want every element fully vetted."

The Rescue Michigan Coalition website features the complete text of the proposed bill (at this link), annotated at every step, including a link for readers to submit feedback.

Pursuing A Citizen-Initiated Law

Once the proposed legislation is finalized, the Rescue Michigan Coalition will pursue its passage as a citizen-initiated law, whereby a sufficient number of registered voters may petition the bill for passage, and if passed by the Legislature would not be subject to the governor's veto.

"This is the only mechanism available for meaningful reform that can take effect prior to the 2022 elections," de Angeli noted.

"A ballot initiative would not take effect until after 2022, and we have every reason to take for granted that Governor Whitmer would veto any meaningful reform passed by the Legislature. A citizen-initiated law is the only way," he concluded.

Unprecedented Organizing Power

At the same time as announcing an ambitious plan to reform Michigan's broken election law, the Rescue Michigan Coalition also announces the release of its online grassroots leadership system, offering activists the most sophisticated data available and the tools to put it to use.

The centerpiece of Rescue Michigan's "Grassroots HQ" is sophisticated, enhanced voter files, which include detailed information on one to three thousand registered voters in each precinct.

Members can download the complete voter files, and use them in any way they see fit, or use the tools at to make phone calls or generate mailings.

"These are the most powerful grassroots empowerment tools ever built. No other organization gives its members anything like this," said co-founder and Operations Officer Shane Trejo.

Members can create their own petitions to the Michigan Legislature or other elected officials and grow grassroots organizations from their supporters.

"Our vision of grassroots empowerment means giving our members true ownership of their data. Nobody else does this," Trejo noted.

The Coalition plans to expand the website further in the very near future.

"Our system is entirely proprietary and was built in a matter of weeks. Its development is ongoing. We already offer tools for grassroots leaders to reach voters in their neighborhoods, along with petition and blogging tools. Our next step is to build a user forum and other tools for our members to organize geographically. These tools will be available very soon," de Angeli promised.

"I was awestruck by what the Rescue Michigan project offers to give the power back to the people," said Shane Trejo, who also serves as Chairman of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee.

"Typically, it costs thousands of dollars for these databases to be accessible, and it was available only for the well-connected. Those days are over. This is a real gamechanger and I hope it\'s adopted by Republican activists everywhere," he added.

Grassroots Leadership From Whistleblowers

The Rescue Michigan Coalition was founded by experienced grassroots leaders who also happen to be election whistleblowers.

Adam de Angeli was the source of the groundbreaking information released in "#DetroitLeaks", which exposed the corruption of the November 2020 election in Detroit before it actually occurred. The evidence he documented became the basis for a successful lawsuit (one of the only successful lawsuits on the 2020 election) against the Secretary of State, which found her policy of exploiting social distancing rules to impede poll challengers to be unlawful. Adam is also an experienced political professional who worked for as a legislative advisor for conservative Michigan lawmakers, both in Lansing and Washington, DC.

Shane Trejo is a journalist for and in addition to providing extensive coverage to the groundbreaking #DetroitLeaks" story where all other media failed, Shane was a crucial witness to the infamous "3am delivery" of absentee ballots to the TCF Center, where they were being processed on election night. Shane has been an independent-minded political activist for nearly two decades. Since joining the Republican Party in 2012, Shane has led the grassroots and developed connections with like-minded patriots throughout the state, currently serving as Chairman of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee.

For more information on how to get involved and become a coordinator for the Rescue Michigan plan to save the electoral system, visit

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