Are you ready to fight to restore liberty in Michigan?

Are you frustrated with groups that make a lot of noise but get no results?

Are you excited about holding politicians accountable and organizing your community to defeat the radical Left?

Then a Rescue Michigan Grassroots Leadership School is for you!

This is not a lecture about the Judeo-Christian roots of the Constitution.
This is not a rant about bad the Democrats are and why we need to replace them with Republicans.
This is not about how to be a good volunteer for a campaign or a political party.

This is a complete course in how you can grow a political organization from scratch, expand your team, and raise money.

This is a complete course in how you can change public policy – how you force politicians to fear you, therefore respect you, and ultimately vote the way you direct.

The course is taught by Adam de Angeli, President of the Rescue Michigan Coalition.

Adam has worked in every aspect of politics, from senior campaign consultant on winning campaigns for conservative underdogs to legislative director for sitting lawmakers. Adam grew the Rescue Michigan Coalition from a brand-new group to a 16,000-member organization in less than one year – and prevented the passage of multiple laws that would have infringed upon the personal liberty of the people of Michigan in the process.

Anybody can do it if you know how, and at these schools, you will learn!

The schools also include lunch.

To register for a school, simply complete the form below.

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And if you would like to host a school in your area, simply contact us. We will organize a school at no cost to you if you can guarantee at least 20 attendees.

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