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Live Streaming the GOP Debate of Losing Trump Challengers
Posted August 23, 2023

We're live streaming the Republican Presidential Debate featuring the also-rans who will not be the nominee!

Will Mike Pence double down on treason? Will Ron DeSantis take a courageous stand on Ukraine or go full neocon? Will Nikki Haley formulate a coherent thought? Will Chris Christie eat Vivek Ramaswamy? (Post-stream update: No; Vivek knocked the daylights out of Christie.) Will the moderators remember the name of the guy from North Dakota? Will Perry Johnson get his money back? All that and more as we watch the Republican Presidential Losers Debate!

(3 hours 6 minutes)

Rescue Michigan Reboot Stream
Posted August 13, 2023

We've been quiet for the past couple weeks, but we've been busy. Building an organization, precinct canvassing, Hunter Biden's whitewash probe, Joe Biden impeached again, recall petitions thrown out, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 8 minutes)

Total Disaster in Ukraine: What Will Biden's Next Blunder Be?
Posted August 6, 2023

A deep look at the total failure of the Biden-backed offensive in Ukraine leaves the regime with few options left. Tonight we'll talk about what the Biden regime's next desperate move might be -- and what we need to prepare for. ALSO: Democrats introduce socialized medicine in Michigan...

(1 hour 16 minutes)

GOP Goes AWOL on Summer Campaign Season
Posted July 30, 2023

The Republicans have lots of presidential candidates, but with less than 2 months until the Mackinac Conference, not one campaign seems to have any presence in Michigan. Let's talk about that, the latest lawfare against Michigan Republicans, and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 15 minutes)

Criminalizing Dissent: Dana Nessel and Jocelyn Benson's Fascistic War on Political Opposition
Posted July 24, 2023

Let's talk about the bogus charges brought against 16 people from Michigan who stepped forward to be electors for President Donald Trump, the years of case precedent this ignores, the threat it poses to our elections if not rejected decisively by the courts, the fanatical hatred of the new Democrat mainstream, and what the future might hold for these wrongfully-charged defendants.

(56 minutes)

The Method to Win: Precinct Leadership
Posted July 16, 2023

While the Michigan GOP infighting rises to extreme and dangerous levels (we'll give you the latest news), let's talk about how we actually go out and win votes to win elections in 2024.

(1 hour 26 minutes)

Michigan Republican Situation Update
Posted July 12, 2023

Democrats follow up a barbaric legislative season with a freakish PR campaign. But what will Republicans do to fight back? Let's talk about the current situation with the Michigan GOP.

(1 hour 45 minutes)

Mighty Upsets: Kristina Karamo to Restructure MIGOP, Democrat Spending Binge, Courts Uphold Liberty
Posted July 5, 2023

A huge Rescue Michigan livestream tonight with lots of news to cover: an extraordinary new development in the Michigan Republican Party as Kristina hires new staffer to rewrite the bylaws; lots of terrible Democrat legislation passed in Lansing last week, and several great decisions issued by U.S. Supreme Court and more; all that on tonight's Rescue Michigan live stream!

(1 hour 36 minutes)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Gary Glenn
Posted July 2, 2023

After a brief legislative recap, tonight's stream will focus on and pay tribute to Gary Glenn, a lifelong fighter for all of the values conservatives they say they care about, with proven results. Expect an enlightening conversation on some political history you won't learn anywhere else.

(1 hour 14 minutes)

Is Impeachment Season Coming?
Posted June 26, 2023

Lauren Boebert impeaches Crooked Joe Biden six ways from Sunday, knives out for Merrick Garland, nuclear threats escalate as Russian coup fails, Biden botches Blinken visit to China, Donald Trump returns to Michigan, Jocelyn Benson's latest scheme sounds good to some Republicans, radical transgenderists announce they're coming for your children, all that and more on this week's Rescue Michigan live stream!

(1 hour 31 minutes)

Mob Manipulation of MAGA
Posted June 18, 2023

The MAGA mob on Twitter declares constitutionalists guilty of heresy, Democrat civil war as Muslims fight radical transgenderism in Hamtramck, Czech president calls for mass ethnic imprisonment, the ACLU mourns the loss of a corpse-violating child killer, state Democrats taking December off, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 1 minute)

Burning the Constitution to Get Trump
Posted June 14, 2023

Donald Trump falsely indicted again, ex-Governor Rick Snyder launches war on conservatives, Biden regime talks nuclear war as Ukraine offensive fails, Tucker Carlson launches Twitter show(?), Democrats pass new election fraud bills, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan Livestream!

(1 hour 36 minutes)

What Winning Looks Like
Posted June 11, 2023

Michigan Republicans turn turn a loss into a win and reshape the presidential race; buffoonish charges benefit Trump; House Republicans in Congress hold the Floor; Russia crushes Ukrainian offensive; all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 13 minutes)

Twitter Eventually Allows What Is A Woman to Make History
Posted June 4, 2023

Radical transgender sexual abuse hits the mainstream as What Is A Woman? breaks records; radical transgender legislation derails in Lansing; Democrats want to shut down school board meetings; Russia goes on offense instead of Ukraine; Washington raises the debt limit; more Covid lies unravels; all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(52 minutes)

2024 Republican Presidential Race Heats Up!
Posted May 28, 2023

DeSantis makes it official, attacks are coming in hard, more left-wing lunacy in Lansing, Ken Paxton impeach, a BOFFO new Republican attack ad, West normalizing terrorism as a geopolitical strategy, all that and more on tonight Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 3 minutes)

Extremism Everywhere
Posted May 21, 2023

Tonight: Radical agenda in Lansing to allow child commit sexual self-mutilation, U.S. readies for World War 3 as Ukraine debacle implodes, a new right-wing LARPing fantasy movement, will the Democrats use cheating to rig the primary and will Republicans do anything about it, all that and more on tonight's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(1 hour 27 minutes)

Chaos Abroad, Chaos at Home
Posted May 7, 2023

Ukraine detains American citizen after assassination fails, Democrats beef up their own security while weakening yours, lynching jury convicts Proud Boys, Democrats cancel presidential debates, all that and more on this week's Rescue Michigan weekly livestream!

(58 minutes)

How to Take Back the Presidential Race
Posted April 30, 2023

Democrats are plotting to manipulate the Michigan Republican presidential primary, but the Republicans have the power to turn the tables and stop their scheme. Let's talk about it tonight, along with all the other crazy political news of the week.

(1 hour 27 minutes)

Tucker Carlson Canceled: Killing Free Speech on Mass Media
Posted April 24, 2023

Tucker's been suddenly canceled from FOX News, despite being their most profitable host. What really happened? How should we take this? Where to do for real news?

(26 minutes)

War On Dissidents Escalates as Democrats Burn the Constitution
Posted April 23, 2023

Biden indicts black American leftists as foreign agents, a fake congresswoman threatens a journalist, Lansing Democrats propose banning affordable energy, Matt Walsh hacked; Republican talking point of the week: CHINA CHINA CHINA! All that and more on this week's Rescue Michigan show!

(56 minutes)

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