Program & Principles

Our Program

The Rescue Michigan Coalition's program is, first and foremost, to develop a well-organized movement of grassroots leaders across the state of Michigan to restore our fundamental freedom and civil rights.

Our coalition partners may specialize in various aspects of this mission, such as organizing legislative efforts, disseminating news and information, or guiding the recruitment and vetting of strong candidates for public office.

Our fundamental task as the hub of this coalition is to train grassroots leaders, organize the movement for liberty across our state, and provide the foundation for successful citizen-initated legislation to re-open our state and reform our broken elections.

Grassroots Leadership

Nothing is more effective in changing the course of political history than well-organized, well-trained groups that mobilize the public advocate for their issues and vote accordingly. Grassroots organizations can change policy in a way that simple speech cannot.

Across Michigan, countless patriots are howling in the wind at the incredible loss of liberty we have suffered under the dictatorship of Gretchen Whitmer and at the unbelievable loss of President Donald Trump, an America-loving populist, to Joe Biden, a grouchy and bitter (when not comatose) shill for the globalist establishment.

The desire to organize for victory in 2022 is greater than ever. More Michiganders than ever are ready to get involved in the fight to restore our freedom. We know this from firsthand experience: Attendance at grassroots meetings has skyrocketed since the November 2020 election.

At this moment, it is critical that the energy of this massive influx of newly awakened patriots be directed toward protective ends.

We are here to inspire them toward effective action, which starts with effective training and assistance creating their own self-sustaining local organizations.

Unlock Michigan... For Good!

2020's campaign to Unlock Michigan was tremendously successful at gathering the required signatures to repeal the unconstitutional Emergency Powers of Governor Act. But the task remains unfinished: The govenor has since relied on the (still unconstitutional, but not yet adjudicated as such) provision of the health code that allows the Department of Health to impose the same infringements on free assembly as before. This act is the last leg the lockdown has to stand on.

As soon as financial resources are committed, we will lead the effort for the citizen-initiated law to repeal the last legal authority for crippling our families, businesses, and civic societies in Michigan.

Election Reform

Every successful citizen-initated law makes the next one easier, and with Gretchen Whitmer in the governor's mansion, there is simply no other way to enact meaningful legislation in the next two years.

This is why a citizen-initiated reform bill is essential. We cannot allow election fraud to manipulate a substantial percentage of votes, which could flip the election for governor, attorney general, secretary of state, other statewide offices, or enough House and Senate seats to give the left a permanent majority in all branches of government.

Such reforms include:
• Meaningful enforcement of Michigan's law making it a crime to impede poll challengers
• Strict requirements on the a provably secure chain of custody for absentee ballots
• A prohibition on voting machines being able to be connected to the Internet
• A procedure for individual citizens, not just candidates, to order recounts in their own precincts
• A prohibition on "ballot harvesting": allowing candidates or party workers to pick up and deliver absentee ballots
• In large counties, a requirement that parties certify a satisfactory quantity of election workers are genuine members of the respective parties
• Right of the public to video-record all public meetings where ballots are counted other than in-person voting (i.e. absentee voter counting boards
• Security devices on ballots (such as exist on our currency) to prevent illicit duplication
• Banking industry standards for signature verification of absentee ballots

This can be accomplished by citizen-initiated legislation working in conjunction with the legislature, but will be far more easily accomplished if we lay the groundwork first in building strong grassroots organizations across the state.

Organizational Principles

Organizing thousands of volunteers in hundreds of groups with their own ideas on issues, priorities, and strategy requires allowing some level of local and individual autonomy, but the Rescue Michigan Coalition agrees on the following foundational beliefs to hold the organization together:

Restoring Political Freedom Is The First Priority

No political cause for liberty can succeed if we cannot peaceably assemble. We all have different priorities for various issues. Whether the cause dearest to you is taxes, schools, the legal system, immigration, Second Amendment rights, abortion, our national history and culture, or anything else, we must join together to restore our right to peaceably assemble to advance those causes. That means opening our restaurants, our churches, our civic centers, and our homes.

We must complete the work started by the Unlock Michigan campaign to fully restore our liberty under the First Amendment and Article I of the Michigan Constitution.

Real-World Organization

The Rescue Michigan Coalition recognizes the inherent need for in-person meetings in order for society to function and in particular for local political organizing. The only effective way to recruit, train, equip, and mobilize activists and voters is in the real world. Groups may, when possible, allow for members to participate remotely, but having a real group, with a meeting space and a regular meeting time is essential. Members are always encouraged to take personal responsibility and exercise proper health precautions but to recognize that there is no such thing as a "keyboard warrior" and making a difference in our communities means rebuilding human interactions.

We Must Defend Our Values And Principles In The Republican Party

Americans are frustrated with both political parties, and rightly so, but our country is destined to remain a two-party system for the foreseeable future. Splitting off into a third party only divides and weakens us against the radical left, which is firmly in control of the Democrat Party. Our cause resonates naturally with most Americans and especially Republicans; it is easier to nominate pro-freedom candidates within the Republican Party than to compete with both parties in a three-way contest. Furthermore, if any third party was to rise to prominence, it would have the same institutional problems the major parties suffer from anyhow.

We can ensure our values are held by Republican policy-makers by supporting those in the Republican Party who share them and withholding support from those who do not. Conversely, if we do not make a concerted effort to engage the Republican Party, the establishment will seize control and the populist movement that has come so far over the past four years will resume control. We will revert to a system where the two parties both serve as two faces of the same globalist body and its agenda will gradually destroy our remaining freedom.

Violence Is Never The Answer

The Rescue Michigan Coalition is determined to honor the memory of the great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, in the total rejection of violence as an answer to violence.

In the civil rights era, black Americans were systematically targeted for violence from both public and private entities. They faced lynchings, beatings, intimidation, and oppression from mobs as well as from state governments, local governments, police, and the courts.

Dr. King ended this reign of terror by teaching the black community: Whatever you are most afraid of doing, go do it. In those days, even the act of registering to vote took considerable courage, much less sitting at a lunch counter or organizing a demonstration.

If we do it all together, we’ll be okay. This was Dr. King's method of nonviolent civil disobedience.

They were faced with threats of violence, and many of those threats were carried out. But by facing them courageously and in massive numbers, they discovered they had the strength to carry on through the worst, and public support for racial oppression collapsed.

Today's freedom movement faces similar challenges. The modern left is emphatically, openly violent.

Since seizing power, calls for violence – economic and psychological as well as physical – against conservatives and libertarians are growing greater by the day, with major media outlets endorsing and promoting the systematic destruction of individual Trump supporters.

In this new age in which Big Tech censors and silences all dissent to the statist quo, nonviolent resistance is a patriotic duty. The violence of the left, however, can never be met with reciprocal violence. As the mostly peaceful demonstration in Washington, DC on January 6 so painfully illustrated, any violence hurts our cause immensely, and must be repudiated.

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