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Lansing TV News Lies About Lucas Gerhard
by Adam de Angeli      Posted July 1, 2021

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Lansing TV News Lies About Lucas Gerhard
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Following our news conference in Lansing yesterday, local Lansing CBS affiliate WLNS Channel 6 just couldn't help but mischaracterize the basic fact of the case.

According to the lying article and the lying television reporter, Lucas Gerhard “said he was going to go to Lake Superior State University to quote “Make the snowflakes melt”.

This is false.

Lucas posted a photo of his rifle and simply said, "This ought to make the snowflakes melt, aye?"

It is dishonest to claim Lucas said he would make the snowflakes melt.

Because this mischaracterization casts the statement in a different light.

But that's the mass media for you. They lie about everything.

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